AZ Student Sues School For Suspension For Daring To Request Studies Be Conducted In English

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

A Pima Community Collegein Arizona is being sued by student, Terri Bennett, for allegedly labeling her a “bigot” and punishing her with a long-term suspension for daring to request English be used in her nursing studies class so she could learn the subject.

Read Terri Bennett’s entire legal complaint here.   

According to the complaint linked above, the studies and labs she was participating in were being conducted in Spanish, a language she did not speak, so she asked the college, which supposedly is run under Arizona’s English-only legal requirement, to enforce that requirement so she to could continue to pursue her educational goals.

According to the group ProEnglish, who is helping Bennett with her lawsuit, for “simply seeking a classroom environment where she can learn in English, Terri was harshly treated by the PCC administration, viciously insulted, and punished with a nine-month suspension,” says ProEnglish Executive Director Robert Vandervoort.

 “This school should be known as ‘Politically Correct College,’” said Vandervoort, whose organization advocates for the use of English as a unifying factor. “We look forward to bringing justice for Terri and making sure other students are allowed to learn in English.”

See Terri Bennett and her attorneys explain their case at the video shown over at WND.

3 thoughts on “AZ Student Sues School For Suspension For Daring To Request Studies Be Conducted In English

  1. It will not be very difficult to know who was behind this action against Terri Bennett, The person/persons which labelled her a bigot & giving her suspension. So the friends/family of Terri Bennett, should pick up a baseball bat & have some robust conversation with those person/persons!
    If you can’t make them respecting your freedom, then you SHOULD MAKE THEM AFRAID OF YOUR ANGER TOWARD THEM!

  2. David Kutzler was the cabron who called Terri a bigot and a bitch and had her suspended. His phone number at Pima Community College is 520.206.5113. Anyone wanting to congratulate this wonderful individual on his outstanding services to Mexico should phone him. Spanish speakers only please.

    By the way at an Arizona State Board of Nursing meeting in 2012 it was stated that enrollments in nursing at PCC had decreased, hmmm wonder why?

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