Barack Obama Signs International Executive Order

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the south side of Chicago back alley international socialist pimp, is now declaring the United States to be adjoined and a part of the one world order, one world currency, one world government.  Obama has signed what can only be described as an international executive order declaring that the international socialists’ doctrine on the status of women in the world to be law that will be enforced around the world via the power and wealth of the United States.

The Executive Order — Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls Globally will put upon all the nations of the world a select brand of tyranny which has already been established here in the United States.

Under the US Domestic Abuse Act, any woman can make allegations against her man without any evidence, witnesses, or proofs, and acquire a restraining order.  Via this restraining order the man is stripped of his every constitutional right.

The application of a restraining order on only an allegation violates our 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Amendment rights as described in our Bill of Rights as the man is restrained without any due process of the law.  At the hearing for a restraining order, the woman can use hearsay as her only evidence of wrong doing.  By hearsay I mean she can tell 20 people of her allegations and those 20 people, never seeing or hearing anything, can come into a so called court of law, repeat the allegations as told to them by the woman, and that is counted as 20 witnesses to a material fact.

On the other hand, the accused man must present nothing but hard evidence.  And even if it becomes abundantly clear and proven that the allegation is false, there is no penalty for the woman who has committed perjury resulting in the violation of another’s constitutional rights.  Why?  Because if these women were penalized, it might make other women reluctant to come forth with their lies.

And now to the most egregious violation of a constitutional right.  Any man under one of these fraudulent, unconstitutional restraining orders is automatically denied his right to purchase firearms.  No trial, no conviction.

The so called Women’s Rights Movement has been used quite effectively here in the US to attack that element which the globalists fear most, and that is the family unit.  In giving women unconstitutional and immoral authority over men, it has caused the unnatural effect of men resenting women.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, when enforced, protects us all equally, regardless of race, creed, color, or gender.

As for the rest of the world, how men and women interact with one another in their sovereign countries is, quite frankly. none of our damn Yankee business.

Maybe Obama is the world’s dictator.  Maybe he became so when he was appointed head of the UN Security Council simultaneously with being President of the United States.  This is world communism and any man or woman that advocates for it is a traitor to his or her country and people.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

20 thoughts on “Barack Obama Signs International Executive Order

  1. Talk about a rise in P.M.S. Women should never be abused nor should any one else for that matter!!! This just sounds like another ploy to get the female vote for re-election.

      1. This is a move for Sharia Law as Muslim detest women. It is not for the women it is against them for bearing false witnesses or babies.

  2. The zionists keep on coming with these fascist laws to divide and destabilize society, a society divided is a society in perpetual conflict with itself, it is a society easily controlled and the people out of FEAR of being labelled a conspiracy nut cannot dare question.

    The three C’s of the occult of evil – Conflict, Control and Conspiracy at work 24/7 compliments of the zionist co-opted four branches of Government.

    God Bless the Republic and its constitution for the people, death to the international corporate mafia the destroyer of wealth, liberty and happiness, we shall prevail.

  3. “Any man under one of these fraudulent, unconstitutional restraining orders is automatically denied his right to purchase firearms. No trial, no conviction.”

    Slick Barry, slipping in more gun control laws in an order that has absolutely NOTHING to do with women’s rights over men. Just another way of Barry the Rat playing gender politics to implement and enforce his goals as dictator in chief.

  4. Executive Orders, for one thing, are not provided for in the sacred CONstitution. They are acts that have not been approved by CONgress, and so they have no legal effect outside the Executive Branch of the federal corporation called the United States, and cease to have any effect at all once the Criminal-in-Chief has left the Oral Orifice.

    On other words, people of all 50 states should just tell Osama BlackBush to take his orders and shove them right up his corporate, Zionist-controlled ass.

  5. The ONLY possible way for any man to avoid any false allegations against him would be to video record himself 24/7.

    Insanity abounds.

  6. Watch out for this one all you men out there!!!

    Since when can Barry sign International Executive Orders as a sitting President of the United States?? Who died and made him god??? What a trouble maker!! If it’s not trouble between races or religions … now it’s trouble between the sexes. This guy has got to get out of our White House and I mean NOW!!!

  7. Blah, blah, blah; women have no problem abusing men in all manners of speaking; verbal, physical, psychological, financial, legal, and now NWO. The notion of gender equality is a PATHETIC, NAUSEATING SHAM.

  8. There is another way…a revolution for everyone, man, woman, and child. It’s Revolution 222. Take responsibility for ourselves and ach other. Revolution 222 shows how you can become a FREE and Sovereign Individual, a nation of one, coming together with other like minded people.

    Revolution 222 has begun. Dare to will and we change the World together.

    Some day someone wil ask you where were you when you first heard about Revolution 222.

  9. If you really think this b.s. e.o. out to it’s logical conclusion there is only one net result . The women of the world better start investing in bullet proof vests or they are going to be taking the ” eternal celestial dirt nap ” .

    And who will they have to thank for that , none other than Barry ( I’m gay so I don’t like women anyway) Soetero /Obama .

  10. Our Congress must do something about all the executive orders Obama is doing. He just does them at his discretion and always under-handedly, then without Congressional approval. That is so illegal. All who read this, call your Congressmen, and have them put a stop to all the executive orders.

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