Being Serviced by my Public Servant… Ouch.

So, I did it this morning. About a month ago, I begrudgingly filled out my PA renewal application for my gun “permit” and before the 45 days was up, I took the 18 mile drive to take care of the miserable, infuriating business of picking it up at the Montgomery County Court House.

Norristown, where it is located, is a steaming shit hole and they claim you can check your firearm into a lockbox upon entering, but my previous experience has been less than cordial in exercising my Rights and submitting to their abuses at the security post. In the past, this action has resulted in my having to explain to them their own policies and THE LAW It is EXTREMELY dangerous and I am in no mood for their brand of stupid before work today. I therefore am forced to travel through their ghetto unarmed with my firearms locked in my car. 

Mind you, I do carry in ALL my states, but as I reside in PA, my odds of encountering oathbreaking tyrannical road pirates is increased exponentially and I do not want to get jammed up in any admiralty courts, be kidnapped, or be forced to defend my freedom and being taken out from the fight prematurely over said bullshit.

I approached the security area and was greeted by 6 loitering, rude and gruff kings men who began to issue directives in the usual authoritative way. I unloaded all of my personal effects and of course I forgot to remove my lighter and cigarette pack. Sherlock Holmes then proceeded to inspect my pack and looked further at my one key ring which held four keys. Must have been a fully semi-automatic key ring that set off his spidey-senses?

I passed their gate and proceeded to the sheriff’s office to pick up my “permit” for an unalienable Right, to which I have NO lawful reason to be compelled to do so. I approached the desk and met with another flaming arsehole, who was also miserable as F and terse. I submitted to their mugshot and while I was waiting for my laminated unlawful “approval” card, I picked up this pamphlet and began reading it.

As I was reading the bottom of the attached pamphlet(Section 21), the public servant traitor was viewing another computer screen and delightfully declared “DEEE-NIED!” and with an arrogant singular finger peck from above the keyboard, pushed a key with an authoritative smile, thus asserting his “power”.

For a moment I thought he was speaking to/about me. I uttered a “Huh?” but my rage for myself was quelled when he answered with “Oh, no. That was for somebody else.” It did not, however, make my anger and contempt for him and the cavalier way in which he took such great pleasure in his traitorous actions.

I was then handed the proof of their treason and left as quickly as I could.

I’ll live to fight another day, and I hope and pray for the day We the People will no longer have to be subjugated this blatant treason, but I did wish to share with my fellow Trenchers the disgusting, vile, utter GLEE in which these tyrants carry out their crimes. It will be a great day when they are punished accordingly.

DTTNWO Long live the Republic. We will prevail!

3 thoughts on “Being Serviced by my Public Servant… Ouch.

  1. What a horrible, dehumanizing experience, Martist. I know each comes at this in his or her own way. There’s comply or non-comply. On smaller issues, do we take the comply road so we can stay out of jail and thus be able to continue the fight? Or, do we use the mandamus route like Henry modeled? Hard to know which battles to choose; there are so many. Well, reading your words, I kind of walked through that grilling with you. It burns, and in some ways it scars. At least you didn’t go in blind.


    1. Thank you, Galen. It was tough not flipping sh** but it wasn’t the hill I wanted to die on. There are other and better hills, I suppose.

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