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Bigfoot spotted in Henry’s living room

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8 Responses to Bigfoot spotted in Henry’s living room

  1. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Yeah, that’s your big ass foot knocking your tv over, after watching Nancy Pelosi doing a John Mcain porno

  2. will E coyote. Super genius says:

    Holy crap! It’s a drug sniffing bunny trying to make off with the goods!!!!!!!!!

  3. Darzak says:

    Dammit, Henry – I was kidding in the post below…

    I always start from the bottom and work my way up through your articles. I rescind my previous question. Mr. Bigfeets has come! Be sure to give him a few cookies to give to the little Bigfeets when he finally gets home.

  4. galen says:

    Is he packin’?


  5. SNAFU (really Hal Apeeno) says:

    Looks like a bottle of cheap pink champagne too me. 😉

  6. anonymous says:

    Looks like a big foot I used to come across as a child. It was big, harry and it would stink up our whole living room.

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