One thought on “This is the most important video on the internet right now.

  1. “Covid relief?” How’d that slip in there?

    And his placing of blame, delivered with strong aggression, is actually deficiently vague. No mention of the perverted social engineering of the last three decades. Or of the jewish banking system that decides if we’re rich or poor. Or of Blackstone buying up many, many properties by overbidding on every sale. Or of the gross waste of resources on unjust wars, etc. Sure, we can say some of us failed the next generations with our incompetency or selfishness, but over our heads was a ruthless agenda driving us into a weird type of consumer slavery.

    How do we make it up to the kids? Glad you/I asked. The Bill of Rights brings it home. Removes all false and corrupt hierarchy and places the power where it belongs: with each individual. We know the correction won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight, but the longer it is postponed the greater suffering ahead for the younger ones.


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