5 thoughts on “The United States House of Representatives

  1. Wow…..imagine the Chinese Congress waving American flags in their meetings. Would never happen because IT’S TREASON!!!!!!


  2. And could some of them be waving for Zelensky having killed about a million of his own young people?

    But hey, it’s Greater Israel or bust. Keep cheering on evil, you bast*rds!!


  3. It should be called “The House o’ Representin'” as in the movie “Idiocracy.” They all wore shirts labeling the oligarchies that sponsored them, and that’s it. In other words, never mind that taxpayers pay their salaries….they don’t represent Americans, but the oligarchs that sponsor them and folks like Zelensky that bribe them. I can see it all now…while the Demonrats wave the Ukraine flag, the Rethuglicans will wave the Israeli flag…. (okay, okay, Rashida Tlaib will wave the Palestinian one I guess…maybe…then get kicked out of Congress….)

  4. In yer face Treason …oh and Fck you US Military , bunch of useless fcks , this is your dam job not ours , but when it does become our job yer useless ass is going to get left out in the cold

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