Bilderberg Perry Propagandists Attempting to Create a Grand Confusion

In for a penny, in for a pound – the international corporate mafia and their Bilderberg core has now reached the point of no return.  They have spent billions of dollars building their propaganda machine that has been quite efficient for many years at perpetuating the false reality of the left-right paradigm.

Today the American people of the American race have begrudgingly been forced to break free from the false reality as the true reality can no longer be ignored.  The propaganda machine has completely lost credibility, but it is too late to change tactics.  They are now forced to go forward as if we the people are still asleep.

From now until the revolution goes hot, what we will see in the mainstream propaganda is a production on a grand scale.  Remember, they understand they are no longer believed.  So they will put forth the scripted program wherein all those who have lost their jobs, their wealth, and their freedom want Bilderberger’s Rick Perry for President.  In not saying Ron Paul’s name the propagandists are attempting to remove him from the false reality they are creating.

Like I said, no one is going to buy into this false reality, but that is not what they are going for here.

No matter what else happens when Ron Paul is elected President of these United States, the neo-con national socialists and the Fabian soviet communists are finished, and they know it.  So what they are doing is going forth with plans, which in reality they believe are destined to fail, but are attempting, through their propaganda machine, to leave certain options open.

If it comes down to stealing the 2012 Presidential Election or losing everything they have worked to gain in the past fifty years, they are going to have to make a decision.  They have already nullified one election and gotten away with it.  Why?  Because they were able to carry the lie through with the propaganda machine, at least to the extent that there was no uprising.

This time they know there will be an uprising but their propaganda machine can offer them one final service, and that is a delaying action.  They will spin the righteous revolution as an insurgency being perpetrated by Constitutional Extremists who are refusing to accept the politburo of thirteen’s lawful actions in dissolving the Constitution and bringing the United States into the one world governance as a socialist state therein.

This coming winter we will see the socialist austerity meted out with the specific purpose of weakening the core of the body of the American people of the American race as much as possible before they launch their attack.  All the key players of course will be pulled back as far from danger as possible when the insurgency against the Republic begins.

In the false reality that is being created it is going to be portrayed as perfectly logical when United Nation troops, consisting of Mexicans and Canadians followed by Chinese, are brought in to quell the uprising spurred on in retaliation to the communist dictates of the thirteen person Soviet counsel.

I think there is one thing everyone has been overlooking.  Remember the new House Rule enacted in January declaring that all new legislation must be accompanied by a document outlining the authorization within the Constitution that allows the legislation?  Well people, this is why this new Super Committee was brought in as an attachment to the debt ceiling.  I have searched and can find no document of authorization as required under the new House Rule.  This is why they put on the dog and pony show for this debt ceiling.  So we would overlook the fact that the Constitutionality of the Committee was never addressed.

This new Super Committee is not only unconstitutional, but represents an act of insurrection against the Republic, the Constitution, and the people.  This is going to lead to full blown revolution and they know it.

In ending this article I will show you the indisputable evidence of the false reality being created.  We are being told that entitlements are breaking our country and that the wealth of the rich cannot be touched as any such action will further destroy us.

Let’s just put the simplest logic to work here.  The top 1% have gotten and continues to get 90% of the wealth.  The rest of us have gotten and are getting 10% of the wealth.  The problem with spending that they say has to be stopped exists, they say, in that 10% we are getting and is excluded from the 90% the filthy rich are getting.

Logic and mathematics dictate that the majority of a problem contained in a 100% equation absolutely cannot lie solely in a fraction of 10% of the 100%.  This is like them telling us at midnight to go outside with dark glasses on because the sun is shining.  It is not only a lie, but a blatant lie that only a mentally deficient person could possibly believe.

Once you realize this one impossibility they are putting forth, you cannot help but to see that everything the propagandists are doing is designed to create a false reality that is an impossibility as dictated by math and physics and the simplest of logic.

Ron Paul is winning this election and in 2012, unless assassinated, he will become our next president.  The only question is at what point will they drop the illusion of elections and go directly to pure tyranny through an international police state.

If you are not prepared you better get that way.  This thing is coming to a head and whether you believe it or not this revolution, which absolutely exists, could very well go hot at any time now.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Well, Henry, about the only way I can imagine preparing for the scenario you describe would be to live either invisibly or at least very remotely with independent power, fuel, food, water and a considerable amount of funds in liquid currency or to beam to another planet. I know it is no revelation to you that the former is impossible for most and the latter is obviously fantasy so that leaves us helplessly in the thick of it.

    Not a very pretty picture but thanks for the excellent article.

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