Border Agents In South Texas Saw Increase In Migrant Families Make Illegal Crossings In August

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Read this and weep. The illegals are coming here in droves and what do they do when they cross the border? Turn themselves into an agent who then helps them make their way into the nation. Our immigration policy is broken and Trump is worried about spending billions for a border wall? Insanity. People, why do you think the illegals are coming here? Use your head!…

I know the Lord gave you one!

To a large degree they are coming for the free benefits. Healthcare, welfare, you name it, that we, American tax payers have to pay for.

This “esteemed” President could work toward cutting off these programs that will not only curb illegal immigration, but save billions of dollars. But instead he is talking about stealing Iraq’s oil and improving NAFTA.

The number of Central American families arrested for entering the United States illegally surged again in August, according to a Trump administration official and Border Patrol agents in South Texas, an increase that comes as the president threatens a government shutdown to extract funding from Congress for a border wall.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is expected to publish the most recent border arrest totals this week, and the numbers will be used to gauge the effect of President Donald Trump’s order halting the separation of migrant parents from their children.

Agents working in the Rio Grande Valley, the nation’s busiest corridor for illegal crossings, say they’ve seen more families turn themselves in and ask for asylum in recent weeks, a potential indication that the policy reversal has encouraged more Central Americans to head north.

“They keep coming and coming,” said one agent. “There were some really large groups. Any time you have to use buses to come and pick them up, that’s not a good sign.”

Source: Border agents in South Texas saw increase in migrant families make illegal crossings in August – Laredo Morning Times

World Events and the Bible

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