Border Patrol: Big Increase in Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Caught Sneaking Into U.S.

Image source: John Moore/Getty ImagesTheBlaze – by Dave Urbanski

The Border Patrol is seeing a big increase in the number of illegal immigrant sex offenders caught sneaking into the United States, KRGV-TV reported.

In the last five months, agents have caught 144 sex offenders crossing the border; this time last year that number was 93, KRGV said — an increase of just over 64 percent.  

More from KRGV:

In December, a woman from El Salvador was picked up, who was convicted of child sex assault back in 2009. It reportedly happened in Dallas County.

Later that month, three Mexican nationals were caught near Harlingen.

In February, seven sex offenders were rounded up near McAllen, Harlingen, Falfurrias and Kingsville.

Less than a week later, another two Mexican nationals were caught. Two days ago, two Guatemalan men were arrested.

Border patrol agents told the station illegal immigrant sex offenders often try blending in with large groups crossing the border — but they’re trying to fight back with technology, including biometrics (fingerprint scans, retinal scans, facial recognition) as well as worldwide criminal database searches.

KGRV also said the Border Patrol is seeing a spike in both rescues and searches on the Rio Grande, as well as deaths.

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