Boston Bombing COMEDY SHOW BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! – ‘Blood Powder’ Showers!

Published on Apr 28, 2013 by TheLowestRoom

Its getting simply laughable the evidence being piled together of the staged circus of comedy the Boston marathon bombing actually was. From dead “Sandy Hook” principals being ‘resurrected’ and appearing on FOX news as a witness named “Donna’ who witnessed the bombing, to utterly puerile acts of “bad acting” and staging being caught on camera as “PROPS” are added into scenes!. Blood packets, containers, flasks are being found all over the released media, and just as 911, theirs blatant irregularities in the “scenes” that were photographed and evidence of co-ordinated “live” on the fly editing with ‘pre-made’ post inserted media. ITS A JOKE!. I mean, their is even cameo appearances by STEVEN SPIELBERG for crying out loud! One of the “PROPS” used in one of the scenes highlighted in the video, shows you how all that “blood” appears all over the place, AFTER the bomb went off.

One thought on “Boston Bombing COMEDY SHOW BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! – ‘Blood Powder’ Showers!

  1. The guy in the video, alleged to be Steven Spielberg, is too young. You only have to Google images of Steven Spielberg to confirm this. The rest of the video shows obvious false flag evidence being committed by actors.

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