Boston HOAX Solved – Photo Wrecks Bombing of Marathon

Published on May 29, 2016 by Barry Soetoro

ONE PHOTO destroys the Boston Marathon Bombing! The BOSTON HOAX-A-THON was staged to test MARTIAL LAW and RESTRICT GUNPOWDER (so you can’t make ammuntion at home).

Check out the smoking gun photo, PROVING the Tsarnaev Brothers (from Chechnya) were 100% INNOCENT.

FBI used the Tsarnaev Brothers as Crisis Actors, to terrorize your family and shut down Boston for 3 days.

Nobody got hurt at the Boston Hoaxathon!

(MORE) Smoking Gun PHOTOS:…

Another FALSE FLAG is Sandy Hook (aka SANDY HOAX). Watch David Wheeler (Hollywood actor) get BUSTED at Sandy Hook on LIVE TV:…


One thought on “Boston HOAX Solved – Photo Wrecks Bombing of Marathon

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    This is a Pete Santilli presentation.

    Pete Santilli is the definition of worthless, and is a know FBI operative. (… and now,… a sacrificed FBI operative as he sits in jail…)

    There is FAR, FAR greater evidence readily available to show this was an EFIO (Enemy-Force-In-Occupation) Black-Op. In fact, Santilli’s review of the video he choose to discuss,… shows next to nothing,.. as usual for Santilli.

    JD – US Marines – Santilli,…. an living example of waste.


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