Brazilian referee beheaded by spectators after he fatally stabs player

Riot squad officers clash with protestorGuardian

Police in northern Brazil say one man has been arrested after a referee who fatally stabbed a player during a match was decapitated by spectators who stormed the field.

Local reports said the incident, which took place on 30 June in the remote Brazilian town of Pio XII, escalated when the player, 30-year-old Josenir dos Santos, became involved in an argument with the referee, Octavio da Silva.  

As the confrontation became physical and Dos Santos refused to leave the field, Da Silva allegedly produced a knife and stabbed the player, who died while being taken to hospital.

Reports said that outraged spectators responded by running on to the field and stoning Da Silva, before severing his head and sticking it on a stake in the middle of the field.

Police at the regional headquarters of Santa Ines said a 27-year-old man was arrested on 2 July, with the investigation continuing.

Police spokesman Valter Costa was quoted as saying: “We will identify and hold accountable all those involved in this incident. One crime will never justify another. Actions like this do not correspond with state law.”

Brazil faces mounting pressure to show it is a safe place for tourists before 12 cities host the 2014 World Cup and Rio de Janeiro the Olympics in 2016. The Confederations Cup in June was marked by violence as anti-government protestors angered by the amount of money being spent on the events clashed with police.

6 thoughts on “Brazilian referee beheaded by spectators after he fatally stabs player

  1. I wonder if the Ref was on leave from some US police force agency & receiving special training in riot control at sporting events? Continue to fight for Freedom. Liberty & Truth

  2. This is great entertainment here. Referees stabbing players instead of blowing a silly whistle, and when the crowd disagrees with the ref, they stone him before hacking off his head and displaying it on a spike.

    American sports just aren’t providing the necessary distractions anymore, so we’ll soon be following the Brazilian model:
    Baseball pitchers will now be throwing hand grenades at anyone trying to steal a base. The batter will hold onto the bat after a hit, to use on the first-baseman when he gets there. Players in the dugout will now be allowed to shoot at outfielders trying to make a catch, and the losing team will be sacrificed to the God of the winning team’s choosing.

    If that doesn’t fill the stadium seats we’ll have to make the move to gladiator battles.

  3. Just need to tweak the rules a little, no penalties, player substitutions, or a time-limit. Last man standing wins.

  4. I’ve always considered soccer fans tantamount to rabid, hard-core Raider fans – on steroids.

    AND PCP.

  5. Head on a stake, reminiscent of prior tyrannical times in history! Well there it is, history repeating itself, repeating itself 😉

  6. what needs to be done to all un elected “officials” head on a stake decorating lamposts and trees everywhere wont stop till they are stopped

    not one is an elected official all appointed in a private corporation wiht names like government

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