Brutal Murder Caught On Surveillance Video In Lauderhill

I hesitated sending this in due to its graphic nature however it is a excellent example of the dire consequence of not maintaining situation awareness. While traversing between structures, vehicles and the like extra attention should be paid.

Published on Jan 19, 2017 by Dark Horse News

Lauderhill police are searching for the killer in Monday afternoon’s fatal shooting of Lauderdale Lakes resident Gary Wallock. As Wallock left The Lobster and Seafood Warehouse in Lauderhill, a man ran from around a corner, shot Wallock in the head, then fired several more shots into Wallock’s prone body. Investigators also want to find a 2010 blue Nissan Altima with license plate EZX-F13. Please call (954) 828-5700 if you have any information about this incident.

4 thoughts on “Brutal Murder Caught On Surveillance Video In Lauderhill

    1. makes ya wonder..

      also hard as hell to run in those dumb a%$ shoes .. LOL as it is she trips on them dumb shoes and falls at the end of the video

      wear sensible cloths and shoes people ,, never know when they could save yer life
      wearing pants down around knees gets you tripped up, wearing shoes that have no back around your heels is one sure way to have no traction when you need to haul ass

    2. The initial angle of attack put bullets in her direction and the shooter also pointed the weapon towards her, you may be right about a conspiracy but trying to find a logical explanation she may have went into fight mode for a second then turned to flight. The greater point is watch your six, just because you had a nice date and a good meal does not mean your doom isn’t right around the corner.

  1. Had that been a pig he smoked, it would have been a community service.

    Wish THAT would happen on a daily basis.

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