Bundy Ranch, Domestic Terrorists, and Freedom Fighters

IMG_2818The Hoss USMC

After one spending the last week observing the Bundy ranch and family, as both security and as press, I think I have a pretty good picture of the situation in Bunkerville. There are several issues at play here.

The least understood, and most reported on, is that the Bundys have not paid grazing fees and taxes. The taxes claim is total bullshit. What is at issue is that Mr. Bundy has refused to pay fees for services that the BLM no longer provides, and hasn’t for very many years. The BLM has in fact been actively using those fees to create a less friendly climate for ranchers and dairy farmers, the latter of which no longer exist. The Bundys have even tried to pay the appropriate fees to local or state governments.  

The real story here is that the BLM decided that because the Bundys were not going to bend over and take the big green weenie from government that they had to be shut down. So the BLM hired a Utah rancher, because no Nevadan ones would do it, along with contract cowboys, who are essentially paid rustlers, to round up the free range cattle. The BLM thugs were there in full force to protect these hired rustlers as the maimed, and slaughtered dozens of cattle in the round up. They also brought in lots of heavy equipment to destroy the Bundys improvements to the land. This brutality and illegal seizure of the cattle resulted in millions of dollars that come from the tax payers of the US. Mr. Bundys original fees total around the 300,000 dollar range.

The BLM also had sharpshooters and other thugs all over the area with their weapons trained on innocent civilians. Saturday April 12 Mr. Bundy decided that enough was enough and that he was going to get his cattle back. He sent his sons and several of the local cowboys joined them to head to the BLM round up site several miles down the range. Women and children were already at the BLM camp on the south side of the I-15 freeway overpass. The BLM at that time was already forming their lines and threatening the protesters with lethal and less-lethal force. When the protesters did advance the Cowboys took to the front of the group. The BLM backed down and left under guard from the Las Vegas Metro PD.

The true crime here is that no one at the BLM has been reprimanded or removed from their position, or charged with a crime. And where are these contract cowboys that killed and maimed all these cattle. Surely the BLM had no use for dead cattle. If the BLM really had intentions to get money from these cattle for the unpaid fees then they certainly wouldn’t have authorized the killing of them. The BLM just wanted to try to teach the Bundys a lesson and prove their authority.

The best part of this whole story is that the Bundys were not alone in their struggle. They have been supportive and helpful to other ranchers and dairy farmers as their business’ were shut down over the years. The local community has always been there for them too. But even more amazing than that was the turn out of hundreds of people from across the nation to stand armed against the federal government. How amazing is it that someone would travel across the country to put their lives on the line for someone they never met just because they are being oppressed? Pretty damn amazing in my opinion.

There are three types of people, in my opinion, moving forward from this. The first are those on the front line. Those patriots willing to stand in the face certain destruction and say NO, not here. The second are those that support these patriots with logistical support and other resources. The last and final group are those who are the oppressors and those who are apathetic to the oppression lending their support to oppression with their silence. What you have to ask yourself is what group will you be in?


2 thoughts on “Bundy Ranch, Domestic Terrorists, and Freedom Fighters

  1. When they start holding the public trials in DC, and every state capitol, with hangings soon after the verdicts then I will be impressed.

    The idiots following orders and the contract cowboys are just pawns and should be seeking new identities by now. I’m sure they aren’t out bragging about how they got paid for what they did.

    But the politicians sure are!

    How many will demand Reid’s arrest or Biden’s arrest? Reid is a land grabber and Biden just got his son a coushy job with a Ukrainian Gas Co.


    WE have to stop playing cheerleaders to false victories that only prolong the suffering to our children or our children’s children.

    When is enough enough?

    I love what happened in Nev. BUT, Bundy was the LAST Rancher standing!
    OUR 2nd Amendment is nearly GONE, and it is the last of the Bill of Rights we have left still half standing!

    When tyranny becomes law, revolution becomes DUTY!!

    When will enough of us finally have enough so that none of us should become martyrs?
    I’m thinking, MAYBE, as the economy starts to effect enough Americans. But will it be too late by then?

    Drew an 11 again. Hmm

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