California Bill Would Allow Illegals To Serve On Government Boards

The Daily Caller – by David Krayden

As California expands services to illegals residing in the state, legislation introduced Monday in the state legislature would allow them to sit on government boards and potentially collect pay for doing so.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Democratic state Sen. Ricardo Lara’s bill would change the current law surrounding appointments to state and local boards to include anyone over the age of 18 — without considering whether the nominee is an American citizen. 

“California is stronger when we utilize talents of all our residents, and opening state and local boards and commissions to every Californian will allow us to better serve our diverse communities,” Lara said in a statement.

“Undocumented Californians are our neighbors, co-workers and parents, and as lawmakers we can’t make good policy if their voices are left out of the discussion.”

Lara said it might be possible to pay the illegal immigrants for their services. He noted that although illegal immigrants aren’t supposed to be collecting salaries under federal statutes, some could be be paid under the DACA program.

The state senator has successfully moved other legislation in the past that sought to expand government services to illegal immigrants. He is also working on bill that would grant state medical coverage to illegals.

But while the state continues to cater to its undocumented population and increasingly refuses to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, many municipalities are pushing back with local legislation that rejects California’s extreme support of sanctuary cities.

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  1. Maybe Trump’s wall should run up the eastern border of California, and we’ll just kiss off that whole state. We’ll lose a lot of beachfront, but I don’t know if it can be saved anymore.

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