Call to (Dis)arms // Why Are You Scared of Iran? // Base One Basic

Published on Sep 5, 2013 by J Mashouf

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Base One Basic – Call to (Dis)arms
Directed by Justin Mashouf
Song Produced by Bei-Ru
All Lyrics by Base One Basic (Shervin Nooravi)
Artwork by Ehsaan Mesghali
2013 All rights reserved by Justin Mashouf

The drums of war maybe sounding against Iran, but we’re here to tell you the band leader’s drunk. And if we don’t take his keys away, he’s gonna drive us all off a cliff. This is a call to disarms. Listen.

I’m seeing smoking sky’s, air plane infested, leaded like Zeppelin, so both my eyes stair way to heaven…..
Listen… To what Mahatma Gandhi Scripted… How to win a war with out arms…. All of y’all could kick it.
We used to have the rights the law protected. Texas hexed us, our right have left and now were all dyslexic.
The pen is stronger than body armor. The paint brush is the new gun- Salvador Dali’s Lama… I say your right. That go’s beyond saying (Beyonce) like Jay-Z’s wife. The deuce deuce bust’s like snairs in car systems, until the truth blew up like hair on Marge Simpson.

Why are you scared of Iran?
We’re putting up the peace sign.
Think about the casualties and all the losses. War is not the answer so what’s the problem? X 2
Call to Disarms! X 4

My age is about nine, living in the south side a few years, outside of Bushehr…with nightmares.
A pillaged village only in 60 seconds, the women and children get torn like Kobe’s Achilles tendon. Exploding orange daffodils. Sunning us is what their plan be- no morning after pill. On that you can B.E.T. like black entertainment, they’re making cash from the game like Carmelo Anthony’s agent. Picking on us first like Anthony Davis, forgive them. GOD is the painter that fashioned their faces. I wish I could knock sense in them. Please don’t bomb our country, there’s kids in it.

Chorus and Bridge

The planet ecstatic, I dream were getting there. Dancing and laughing, we sing and shed despair. Imagine the passion, we’re seeing everywhere, it looks so classic and jazzy that even Fred Aster. I sat the elected mayors debonair on the electric chair but I ain’t kill’em, I just left him there with a teddy bear.
Little white kids up in Farsi Class rocking Iranian soccer teams on their Starter caps. Arabic rabbis, the Republic of Iran becomes America’s ally when Mars attacks. No longer dividing the turf were from, but when you do the mathematics the earth has won.

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