Captain Higgins: “America United”

This is Captain Clay Higgins. He was a Deputy Sheriff in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. He quit after being told that he couldn’t speak his mind. He is currently in Lafayette Parish as a City Marshall. He is a good moral man and is not one the typical LWO types. He is a Patriot and a Constitutionalist and believes in this country.

Published on May 3, 2016 by Captain Clay Higgins

An American nation standing as one, is a force that the world’s evils cannot defeat. You are that force. We are that force. Real Americans are not defeated. We are one.

25 thoughts on “Captain Higgins: “America United”

  1. Sorry I meant “not the typical LEO types” not LWO. Sometimes my keyboard kicks my ass. 😉

  2. He is a Patriot and a Constitutionalist and believes in this country.

    if thats the case, than why is he standing there in that ridiculous costume?

    1. He is just a city marshall. Used to be a peace officer with the sheriff and now only serves warrants. He is actually one of the good guys. He is awake to the NWO and the scheme that the gov is pulling.

      1. that costume is a Fed coat period .. maybe he is awake , but not enough ,,hes still wearing their costume

        and that is a costume that says ,, Im better than you and I have special privileges

        Im not picking a fight with you , but his level of awareness doesn’t quite meet up with mine

  3. I am sure he still is handing out extortion papers (tickets) for revenue generation.
    There are no good cops.
    I have read a number of articles showing how private protection agencies would be better for the people because they work for you and are accountable through the market place and a free society. Policy enforcement works for the Elite to control you. Get rid of all police and you strip the tyrants of their power.

  4. I’m sorry folks, Captain Higgins is a pig, pure and simple. See that badge he’s wearin’? He’s a pig! As diggerdan would say, “A pig is a pig is a pig!”

    1. I concur, Millard.

      I never knew DiggerDan, but I expect he and I would get along well by all the things I have heard from the Trenchers regarding his perspective on the Grand Deception.

  5. Umm…I don’t get it. Since he was the highest law enforcement person in his County, as elected Sheriff, just WHO was it that said he could not speak his mind and WHY would he bother to pay them any attention??? Sumptin’s not right here…

  6. This is the deal, TRUMP 2016 and Higgins 2016!!!!!! We are taking America back. Sorry you guys don’t get it. I am done, so don’t reply, I won’t see it. Outta here, forever!!! Stay in your hate, I prefer the Love of Christ!!!

    1. Can anyone please explain Missy’s comment above? Outta here forever? Huh? Stay in your hate? WTF!

      Strange days indeed….

    2. Hate? You mean like hating a people in another country because they are pissed that you came to their country for a corporation to take their resources for the international Zionists?
      Hate? Like hating a people because they had the unmitigated gall to build a civilization in Palestine where the Zionists chose to base their international terrorist organization?
      Guess hate is okay so long as it is the right sort of hate against the right sort of people in the name of Jesus Christ. (The ultimate hater?)
      How convenient to have a two-colored coat that you can just turn inside out as it suits you. Bye.

  7. Trump Higgins 2016
    I am sorry that some of you people wish to be miserable always.
    I am gonna vote in November. if it doesn’t work oh well. I haven’t lost hope in mankind. I still have my other option if it falls to shit.please don’t try to lecture me on things that some claim to know. I know more than most folks. I have actually lived it.
    Sorry folks I gotta go. I can’t take the love for Islam and hate for the military, etc any more. some of us are good people that will always stand with America.
    Some of yall will always be my brothers and sisters! 🙂

    1. Love for Islam? I don’t see that here. Personally, I just think it’s a nonissue that’s been made into a boogeyman by neocon Jews.

      Hatred for the military? Let me put it this way: How should I feel about the federal government and the ruling oligarchy — the scum who hate our freedom and are doing everything technologically and politically possible to destroy the Bill of Rights? Should I feel positively about those who act as their willing enforcers? Why? I understand that most join the military while young and naive, but even so, I detest what they’re doing to people abroad in obvious wars of aggression. Further, I recognize the standing army as the greatest threat to freedom here at home.

      Stand with America? America is dead. It died when politicians, bureaucrats, and their enforcers ceased even pretending to care about the Bill of Rights or equality under the law. We are a “nation” only in the sense of being united under the same massive, hopelessly corrupt and evil government. Now, if you mean “stand with the Bill of Rights, America’s founding values, etc.,” then you hate what this country has become, you hate its government, and you see the standing army as a grave threat, just as the Founders did.

      1. BMF, I must say I agree with your perspective on standing with America. The idea of the America we love and thought united us as a people rotted out from within long ago. It has been replaced with a cartoon puppet show that deserves none of our loyalty or respect.
        Let us stand for our God-given rights and set the example of freedom for the rest of the world, so that they might follow us to a future bereft of bankers, politicians and tyrants.
        May God help us all…

    2. When Hitler took full power in Nazi Germany, his first order of business was to kill the Brownshirts who put him there, as they were his greatest threat. Why? Because they had no problem in betraying the German people and helping him destroy the German constitution.

      1. Exactly.. and on point

        still amazes me how people can miss things that are blatant and right up in their faces

        guess the conditioning for some, has been a success

  8. No offense, Bulldog, but Higgins can’t be a good person if he is a cop in this country. To be a “good cop” today in what we still call “America,” a cop must do one of the following:

    1. die
    2. quit
    3. STRICTLY follow the Constitution in both letter and spirit, refuse to arrest anyone for victimless crimes (drugs, prostitution, gambling, nonviolent gun offenses, etc.), and refrain from ANY of the typical pig behavior that is frequently spotlighted on this website.

    I’m doubtful that any cop could get away with #3 other than, say, a sheriff who supervises a couple of deputies in a rural small town. If there are any such cops, they are so rare as to be inconsequential.

    As to Higgins’ actual message in this video…well, he says a few things that I agree with, but overall he’s regurgitating the usual feel-good patriotard propaganda (and the way he does it makes me suspect that he may be thinking of running for higher office someday). The falsehoods he parrots in the video are numerous.

    Specific examples? Well, Higgins is obviously unaware that none of our overseas wars are fought to defend the Constitution, our freedom, or even our safety. Our problems aren’t the result of honest mistakes by well-intentioned elected officials, but the predictable consequences of a crony capitalist government populated by psychopaths — not to mention our population of brainwashed, docile sheep. The US federal government is engaged in a cold war against its own citizens. Thanks to the Zionist oligarchs, crony capitalists, their enforcers, and millions of unthinking and compliant sheep, the Bill of Rights has been gutted like a fish, and America is basically dead. Higgins is just one of millions of people who helped to kill it.

    Also, why does he mention “our allies” while Satanyahu is shown giving a speech? Israel has probably been the single greatest contributor to the decline of our country.

  9. If this guy wanted me to buy into his sales pitch he should have dressed like a salesman and not like a criminal.
    Not once did he mention the Bill of Rights. Not once.

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