Casey Kasem’s Death Now An Active Murder Investigation

Patch – by Edward Lozzi

Los Angeles – (11/21/18)- After 5 years of stalking, harassment, defamation through the media, law suits and lies, Jeannie Kasem, who was married to Famed Radio DJ Casey Kasem for 34 years and their daughter Liberty, have counterattacked.

Evidence has led to a murder investigation involving Kasem’s adult children from a prior marriage to Linda Myers (1972-1977). Kasem sisters, Kerri and Julie, their brother Mike Kasem and other members of Scientology, are now subjects of an active murder investigation.  

Police Chief Kelly Busey of the Gig Harbor Police Department confirmed to the media that the investigation into the DJ’s death was opened on October 29th.

“We’ve lived through 5 years of pure hell, we were hunted like animals for money. We’ve endured a vicious character assassination campaign through the media, false accusations, stalking, harassment, defamation, fraud, law suits and lies. They then initiated their Guardianship scam of Casey in September of 2013, beginning with their false allegations about me to the Los Angeles Adult Protective Services and the LAPD, who were repeatedly called to our home and who have always found their allegations to be false. They then filed a Petition for Guardianship of my husband in October of 2013, using a fraudulently obtained Durable Power of Attorney signed in a UPS store on Hollywood Blvd in an attempt to seize physical control of Casey, finances and estate. Their Petition was denied with prejudice for no good cause and the case was closed on January 14, 2014 by Judge Lesley Green. We were vindicated and thought it was over. In May 2014, they filed another fraudulent Petition for Guardianship of Casey in the Los Angeles Superior Court. We were in Washington State and they began their same scam again. They made false allegations about me to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office and Washington APS who were called to our host family’s home and who also found their allegations to be bogus. They then filed a false Missing Persons report of Casey as a publicity stunt. I even made a statement to the media, forewarning of their homicidal Guardianship scam. We went to court and they devised a ruse to take Casey to a hospital for a supposed independent medical evaluation. They never brought him back. They had the hospital ban Liberty and me and then unilaterally withheld Casey’s hydration, nutrition and all proactive medical care to kill him. They dumped Casey like trash and left the crime on Pierce County’s doorstep. They then immediately filed for a $2.1 million dollar life insurance policy that we foolishly purchased for them,” Jeannie asserts.

CBS News ’48 Hours’ will air a special segment this Saturday November 24th at 10PM. (See link to promo here)

Next Hearing: Last Will and Testament of Casey Kasem – LASC Case No. BP164832.

Date: Wednesday, November 28th 2018 at 8:30 AM

3 thoughts on “Casey Kasem’s Death Now An Active Murder Investigation

  1. Did not know Casem died or was even sick. But the Scientology thing makes sense. Watch out, Leah Remini…if they can do it to Casem…

  2. A religion that wants you dead because you know too much
    Yeah sure sign me right up
    Idiots , were fricken surrounded by idiots

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