3 thoughts on “CBS Freemason/Illuminati Media: Color Codes Exposed

  1. Of course another possibility is that TV works on RGB (Red,Green,Blue) colouration, and they can’t use green clothing because of the “Green-screen” technology used behind the newsreader. So Red and Blue give the best/brightest solid colour.
    But I guess that is too simple.

    1. this is true, pj. hubby was a broadcast engineer for 15 yrs. pinstripes don’t do well, either. he also said that the news that comes over the wire is nothing like the spun news that goes over the air.

  2. The colors blue and green have been identified through testing to be the most popular colors amongst test subjects. If the set is primarily blue, they use a green-screen for chroma keying. If the set is primarily green, they use a blue screen for chroma keying (inserting graphics or video on a background).

    If a reporter in the field was wearing a green shirt keyed onto a green screen, the green shirt could go transparent as a specific shade of green is made invisible (keyed out) to hide the background made by the green-screen.

    And vice-versa.

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