Check out the email I got this afternoon.

I kicked this son of a bitch off the site a long time ago and bottom line, f-k him and the horse he rode in on, but look at how the pretend patriots run to their jews thinking they can violate the ratified law, the supreme superior law of this country.

They hate us because we tell the truth.  It does not make anybody special or more oppressed. 

Here is his sorry ass phony threatening email in reference to Princeton seminary will pay $27M in slavery reparations:

As a follower of your site and a Black person, I take umbrage to your allowing your subscribers to make such outrageous comments about Black people in the comment section. That being so, it appears your site is a white supremacist site which harbors those with pusillanimous views and gives them a platform to spew forth their hate.

I am asking that the comments and the commentators be removed, immediately as I’ve noticed in the past, you removed and barred a Black people from the site for defending Black people against comments such as these.

Should my request not be granted, we will take actions necessary to bring you, your site and your subscribers to light, including but not limited to suing you in court for propagating and acting as a hate/terrorist group against Black people.

And here is my answer:

I tossed your ass off this site already.

We have made it clear here that niggers come in all colors and we have cussed niggers of all colors.

Don’t threaten me with admiralty law.  It is not applicable to me.

You don’t like what is published here?  Don’t f-king read it.

Other than that you can go f-k yourself.

There are people of every pigment of skin who frequent this site and agree with every f-king word I just said.

Now leave us alone and go read something else that suits you better.

46 thoughts on “Check out the email I got this afternoon.

  1. “I take umbrage to your allowing your subscribers to make such outrageous comments about Black people in the comment section.”

    And I take exception to ignorant mother$&kers of ANY DAMN COLOR coming up and making BLATANTLY FALSE CLAIMS about any of my comments, B#TCH!

    I made it CRYSTAL CLEAR in my reply to galen that my comment absolutely was NOT aimed at ALL black people, d$&kwad, so how does THAT EQUATE TO RACISM??? DO YOU EVEN F$&KING KNOW THE MEANING OF RACISM, RETARD?????



    AND communist tool… hope someone shoots you in the face sometime soon, scumbag.

      1. Easier said than done, Mark.

        Not for lack of trying, but it’s tough to change one’s basic nature overnight. It’s difficult to keep calm in the face of the insane articles I see daily. Lately I’ve changed my approach… just reading comments first off, then going to look for articles to send. Then I take a good long break (eat some breakfast, go feed the cat, gat buzzed) before I start commenting.

        Oh, yeah… and I also take my bp medicine before I comment as well.

        But when all is said & done, I’m really not complaining… I’m just thankful to have survived that episode, truth be told.

  2. “…you removed and barred a Black people from the site…”

    Aside from this individual’s asinine remarks, his grammar is quite poor too.

  3. 😯 How ridiculous! If this guy was truly a “follower” of this site he would KNOW that we are color blind!

    1. “But Deon, you’re ‘a black people’ patriot”?”

      No. You’re just an American and you can be my battle buddy any time you need.

      I think this asshat is a Nigerian prince!

        1. What!, Deon is Black… Oh…NOooooooo..! What kinda a site is this…?

          Ha ha fkn ha.. What a fkn POS, SPLC maggot kike ass-licker is this Poster..

          Henry, Let his ass keep commenting on the site, we need some levity….and another thing, was he hoping to get some of that 27M…ha ha

          Aloha, and DTTNWO…”In any color” stupid fk

  4. ‘it appears your site is a white supremacist…..’ no dude, this site is about exposing the lies and tactics used by commies such as yourself to attack American Nationals who KNOW the Supreme Law of this nation is the Bill of Rights

    By the way how the hell do you presume to know which of the ‘subscribers’ (lol) are white or black or…….?

  5. How come I’m always sleeping when you do your best work Henry? Damnit all! Hate it when I’m late to the fkg party.. This clown got off easy man..

    Probably was first in line for some of that 27 million..

  6. “As a follower of your site and a Black person, I take umbrage to your allowing your subscribers to make such outrageous comments about Black people in the comment section.”

    Why no umbrage taken at the outrageous comments about whitey’s such as Trump, Pompeo, Pelosi, Bolton, Pence, Hannity, Sanders, Warren, Beto, Koch Bros., Bezos, Trudeao, Queen of England, Schummer, etc, etc, etc?

    1. Excellent point, Katie. No one could accuse us of playin’ favorites. We’ll demolish anyone.

      Anyone that is, who messes with our Bill of Rights.



    2. I hate traitors more than everything else. Screw the color of their skin. The only color I hate is that thick blue line.

  7. Sometimes I think it’s just that we’re so far beyond that (black/white) that any charges of racism or disrespect seem so absurd. Most have been standing here since 1964 or earlier. Color of skin: incidental. Those who still attach to those differences in shades are the ones with the problem and it is they who perpetuate the split, the competition, the tension, and derision. Could they not know that that is exactly how to play into the zio agenda which wants to keep us at each others’ throats? All this is a further attempt to diminish us, to make us look small, and to distract us from our real oppressors. I put my arm around the shoulder of any American National who fights for The Bill of Rights be he or she white, black, purple or paisley with polka-dots. How quick the superficial will swallow up legitimate causes and divert their aim. Thanks, Henry, for nippin’ this in the bud.




  9. Considering one of my books band characters (see ads at side), the bassist, is black (grandmother from Nigeria) this dude better not even think about suing me. And especially Deon. Another reason glad the CASE Act crap post was posted. And if he thinks this site is racist then why did he visit it and who the heck is “we”? And if he comes out here looking for me, watch out for mountain lions….

  10. Dam I’m alway late to the party also, the world full of thin skinned people a fart set them off . On my dad side my great great great grandpa had to pay for his travel to this country with ten years of his life and I’m white , is that called being a slave ? Even now we’re all slaves to someone

    1. Indentured servant, eh? (Your ancestor that is)…Yep, one or more of mine as well. (If you have Scots-Irish or Irish ancestors, that’s usually how they came here).

  11. It’s just more division
    And we don’t play that here

    And if this guy were to ever know my life and my associations ,let alone who my wife is , he could never claim I’m a white supremist or any of that nonsense, especially Not a racist

    Sorry you feel that way , but that’s on you
    No one MAKES you feel anything

    You can call this whatever you want , I ain’t leaving
    What now?
    Oh and btw … labels don’t scare me , I’ve been called worse

    1. Thank you, Henry. After today’s broadcast I will be more on my toes as to where I am being baited. They are so slick in how they attempt to set us up.



    Don’t f-k with my friend!
    Don’t f-k with my people!
    Don’t f-k with our law!

    I don’t give a damn the color your skin, fool.
    The fact is that you believe a lie!

    There’s pics of me here with some of my family.
    Blood from the Sioux Nation courses through their veins, prick!

    Now you know what I look like. Come find me. It ain’t hard to do, and I ain’t hiding.
    I’ll straighten you out. That I promise!

    In the mean time, stuff your corporate/communist, political correctness up your fundamental orifice and pogo-stick down the effin trail, TOOL!

    Must be nice.
    Being able to inspect your own prostate simply by turning your head.



      1. As good as it’s gonna be for now, brother.

        Anything good anymore seems to come with a lot of no good.

        Besides that:

        Fell a tree with a hinge cut over the cabin from the roof.
        It went good, and was a RUSH!

        Danger can be fun 🙂

        Got pictures but haven’t figured out how to get them on this pos computer.

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