3 thoughts on “Chemical weapons

  1. this was exactly my logic back than, when i heard this

    and i also summarized that it was Bullshit too

    anymore.., if it comes out of a governments mouth( any government) , you cant trust it .. be it a politicians mouth or even a state workers mouth,, you cant trust it

    I’ve always been an actions speak louder than words kind of person
    its really helped me pick through the chaff in life

    1. Obvious cover story. Perhaps some Iranian facility was blasted instead, perhaps nothing at all, there was ample warning provided with a heads up tweet.

  2. Icke is an excellent researcher. I had a book of his (loaned out, never came back) that did a very astute (imo) breakdown of Lady Di’s murder, among a few other subjects.

    It’s the Reptilian thing that turns most people off.

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