Chemtrail Control Panel aboard Boeing 777

Published on Mar 2, 2017

Showing the controls aboard a modified Boeing 777 for “chemtrail generation.” N726AN Aircraft/Flight information. AIRCRAFT: Boeing 777-323(ER), AIRLINE/OPERATOR: American Airlines, TYPE CODE: B77W, Code: AA / AAL, MODE S: A9B9E3, SERIAL NUMBER (MSN): 31550, AGE: (Nov 2013).

4 thoughts on “Chemtrail Control Panel aboard Boeing 777

  1. Been going on for a while with this sh#t. A friend of mine flew overseas a few years ago, and watched the CHEMTRAILS being sprayed from the plane he was on.

  2. And these pilots go home and kiss their wives and kids at night?
    SMDH..Sheep.. were fukn surrounded by dam SHEEP!

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