2 thoughts on “Chemtrail Extermination Run Caught On Night Vision

  1. Beware the propaganda. Did you know that Hitler outlawed Freemasonry in Germany, confiscated all of their lodges and prohibited any dues-paying member from ever working in the German government? Did you know that? Do you know how to Google “Suppression of Freemasonry” and confirm my claims? Did you know that “Fascism” means Democracy? That it is represented by a bundle of brittle reeds, which represent powerless working people uniting to gain power? Have you been misled, befuddled or brainwashed to believe otherwise? Do you have the slightest idea where you are or what’s going on?

    1. In 1962, twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians, while researching documents in the Vatican Archives, in their original languages, discovered the largest conspiracy in history, documents and papers going back hundreds of years but never made public. These Theologians published a book called “The Plot Against The Church” under the pen name of Maurice Pinay. In this book is the origins and people behind Freemasonry, its satanic plans and missions; also those who are and were behind Freemasonry and all the heresies in the Church, Judeo/Freemasonry. The book is free to read in its entirety on the net.

      However, besides Freemasonry being condemned as “intrinsically evil” by over 7 Popes since the 16th, century, including several Catholic mystics who had been told in their visions of how satanic Freemasonry is, we have dozens of well educated priests, prior to the pontificate of Pius XI, who were assigned to specifically uncover and out the designs of this evil and satanic cult of Freemasonry.

      Add this to the many very high level Freemasons’, those who are head of whole continent’s and countries, who have in the past converted to Catholicism and spilled their guts on the evils and plans of Freemasonry. Paul Fisher’s “Behind the Lodge Door” – “World Revolution” by the celebrated English historian Nesta Webster (1921) – “The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled” by the Cardinal of Chile (1957) whom many high level Freemason’s revealed to him…, The works of the Rev. D. FAhey C.S. Sp., D. D., D.Ph. B.A. (1939) Prof. of Philosophy and Church History, Dublin, Ireland and the works of Vicomte Leon De Poncins, just to name a few of the hundreds of works on Freemasonry.

      And lastly: The Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on the “intrinsic evil of Freemasonry.

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