14 thoughts on “Chemtrail Fake Snow Falls Across USA…You Got to See It to Believe it!

  1. I am sure there is some knowledgeable individual with a chemistry background who is able to analyze this and post what the heck it is. I cannot wait to hear.

  2. I just tried it in Canton Oh. Grabbed some fluffy not packed snow and put my lighter to an edge. It turned black and fibrous. I figured it would just melt.
    But then, I’ve never tried to light snow on fire before. Old parlor trick maybe?
    A friend tried the snow in northern IN and he said it acted like Styrofoam but didn’t stay lit.

  3. A buddy of mine just put a snowball in the microwave for a 11/2 minutes. He said it harden and only made a few little drops of water…

  4. questions I have:

    1. Is there any such thing as real snow anymore, from real clouds? So that we could tell the difference, if we can determine that a future snowstorm is “real.”

    2. Is this “fake” snow similar to snow made by snow machines for ski resorts in the East? Or a different animal entirely.

  5. I just tried it with ice from my yard. It did the same thing. Bad plastic smell as well. I called a friend of mine who is awake and is a chemist. He said it is just the fuel being transfered to the ice that causes the blackening and plastic smell. He said try it in a pan or some way that doesn’t allow the fuel to touch the ice and see what it does.

      1. He said it shouldn’t have the smell that the lighter caused. If it does, let me know I will find out what it could be. We don’t have snow here, just ice.

  6. No idea about the snow.
    But it did remind me of this:


    This is the catholic newsletter concerning the fatima event and the 3 secrets.
    The comments are haunting.
    They expose hints to the 3rd secret and speak of tesla scalar weapons, tesla howitzer, page 30 & 33

    Page 25 and 28 speaks of a new phenomena and they warn “keep your eyes on the skies”

    Regardless, a catholic newsletter warning of tesla weapons seems very strange indeed.


    1. Interesting, flek. Eyes on the skies, eh?

      Looking for a hologram of either the Messiah, or the fake alien invasion would be my guess.

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