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Published on Oct 14, 2013 by NTDChinaUncensored

China’s 50 Cent Brigade, sometimes called the 50 Cent Party, are essential professional trolls. It’s their job to trawl through websites, both inside and outside of China, and monitor what the public is saying about the regime and draw the conversation away from anything critical of China by instead criticizing the United States, Western involvement in international affairs, or by pointing out the flaws of democracy. China Uncensored gets plenty of these guys. Ironic since Youtube, along with Facebook and Twitter are actually banned in China. So it’s not just Sina Webio these guys are on. And since China employs 2 million of Internet monitors, more than the 1.5 million the People’s Liberation Army, this is clearly a new form of cyber warfare. The weapons are hacking or virus, but a careful and systematic propaganda push. And Snoopybabe.

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4 thoughts on “China’s Professional Trolls, the 50 Cent Brigade! | China Uncensored

  1. Trolls are all over. They’re the new extension of the Zionist’s propaganda machine that’s become a necessary response to too much truth being revealed on the internet.

    Not EVERY alternative news site is under Zionist control (but most of them are), so you can expect them to unleash their troll army on any website that’s not theirs. They’re not very effective, however, because the trolls’ motives are usually made obvious by their ridiculous opinions and/or comments.

    Henry keeps the troll out of here, so they attack the entire website instead, but don’t expect the Zionists to go away, or leave any information outlet alone.

    1. Yes JR, Henry’s got quite a few regulars on the comment thread that are really good at sifting through bullshit. We could start a troll competition to see which one lasts the longest before exposure. What the hell, we could start a troll fantasy league.

      1. We had already started a troll of the month contest a while back, but we get so few candidates here that it didn’t amount to much.

      2. But if you’re ever in a real troll-slamming mood Millard, head on over to BIN.

        The majority (which is actually VERY few) of the comments that occasionally post there are responses to trolls.

        Plenty to choose from there.

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