Chinese police to help patrol Paris streets

Chinese tourists look at Eiffel Tower souvenir at the Galeries Lafayette shopping center, on October 4, 2012 in ParisYahoo News

Chinese police will help patrol tourist destinations in Paris this summer after a rise in muggings and attacks on Chinese tourists, a source in France’s interior ministry said Tuesday.

More than one million Chinese visitors come to France every year and there have been concerns over a number of muggings and attacks against them.  

In March last year, a group of 23 Chinese visitors were robbed in a restaurant shortly after they landed at Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport.

The ministry source said the Chinese police would help their French counterparts in Paris tourist spots but declined to give numbers.

The number of Chinese visitors to France is expected to be given a boost this year because of events linked to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Paris and Beijing.

10 thoughts on “Chinese police to help patrol Paris streets

  1. EXCUSE ME????!!!!!! And the French aren’t pissed off by this? Americans sure as hell would. Enough catering to the CHINESE!!! F**K THEM! It’s not their country and I don’t care how much debt anyone owes them or how many of their Chinese people they have traveling there. If they can’t protect themselves in another country, then maybe they shouldn’t be traveling in that country!!!

    Hey guess what, I want to travel to Dubai, but I know the area around it is not safe, so do you know what I do, I STAY THE F**K OUT OF THAT COUNTRY!!! I don’t ask my country to send some local policemen to make sure I’m safe.

    I know some of the Chinese have cabbage for brains, but many of them do have REAL brains nonetheless! Tell them to use them. Tell them to stay in their own damn country and stop ruining everyone elses!!

  2. something is wrong with this picture! Why would the French Authorities even think of, or consider this? Is this going to become other countries too? What about we here, we US..citizens?…..something fishy here…Don’t know exactly what’s up…Nothing good. Damn Sure…

    1. And on another note, read an article the other day that said that france had started trading with the yaun. Maybe the French have layed down again!!

      1. The Chinese and their billion population are trying to invade economically in all countries around the world. They are working with the elite to promote WORLD COMMUNISM.

        Take your pick. Fascism or Communism. Both are basically the same thing when it all comes down to it.

        In any case, unless we the people of this world wake up and get rid of these elitists and their Communist minions and become free again, our world is screwed.

  3. it’s all part of the globalism plan,

    the u.k. has had french & german police in it during the world-cup.
    sweden, holland and germany have had plain-cloths police from the u.k. following tourists – during the world-cup.

    they seem to use sports events as the excuse for it usually.

    on the bright side – unlike native police the “invading” ones wont be assaulting people at random – they wont have the numbers or confidence to get away with it.

    and it’s pretty hard to be worse than the french police.

  4. They were robbed by some of their “Negro Frenchmen”! Communist Jew multiculturalism at it’s best.

    1. Yea, I was going to mention something along those lines earlier, too. Most of these Chinese people can’t even speak English. You think they can actually have a clue as to how to speak French? They’re probably doing the same shit in France that they are doing here in America. Speaking Chinese and never learning the French language, all the while setting up local Chinatowns in Paris and having the country cater to them when it’s not even their damn country!

  5. Des milliers de nouveaux fusils, jamais tiré, seulement chuté une fois!
    Vive nouveau drapeau blanc de la France

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