CIA Providing Intelligence To Syrian Rebels, Wall Street Journal Says

Cia Syrian RebelsHuffington Post – Agence France Presse

The US Central Intelligence Agency has been feeding information to select rebel fighters in Syria to try to make them more effective against government troops, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.  

Citing unnamed current and former US officials, the newspaper said the new CIA effort reflected a change in the administration’s approach that aims to strengthen secular rebel fighters.

The CIA has sent officers to Turkey to help vet rebels who receive arms shipments from Gulf allies, the report said.

But administration officials cited concerns about some weapons going to Islamists, the paper noted.

In Iraq, the CIA has been directed by the White House to work with elite counterterrorism units to help the Iraqis counter the flow of al Qaeda-linked fighters across the border with Syria, The Journal said.

According to the report, the West favors fighters aligned with the Free Syrian Army, which supports the Syrian Opposition Coalition political group.

Syrian opposition commanders said the CIA had been working with British, French and Jordanian intelligence services to train rebels in the use of various kinds of weapons, the paper said.

The move comes as the al Nusra Front, the main al Qaeda-linked group operating in Syria, is deepening its ties to the terrorist organization’s central leadership in Pakistan, The Journal said.

The new aid to rebels doesn’t change the US decision against taking direct military action, the paper noted.

7 thoughts on “CIA Providing Intelligence To Syrian Rebels, Wall Street Journal Says

  1. So I guess that the government is “with” the terrorists now. Remember when they told the world…”you are either with us or with the terrorists. Seems the government has switched sides and now supports terrorism. But this is not new to the CIA which has supported terrorism for many years now.

  2. Hmmm

    So when can we expect the drones to start bombing the the CIA? When can we expect the arrests for aiding and abetting the enemy which has killed thousands of American Soldiers? (so they say) When can we expect the arrests of the US politiicans that authorized aiding a abetting the terrorists? Come on on the American people are waiting……….

    1. So, if an American went to Syria to fight AGAINST the CIA assisted rebels, who are recognized as terrorists by most countries, what would the US government do?

  3. that would more properly be specified as the Synagogue of Satan global “JEWISH” crime syndicate ADL/CIA….

    Former CIA Director Reaffirms United States’ “Strategic Relationship” With Israel In Fight Against Terrorism

    individuals and “Americans” who are not “Jewish” need to be very specific and exercise proper mental hygeine when identifying the ENEMY…

    how can your enemy be your “government”…?

    That’s like saying your extremities exist to torture and murder your ownself…?

    so-called “Jews” are members of a stool sculpture deity cult, 100% of so-called “Jews” don’t have to be “Jewish”…

    STOOOOOPID will never change true.

  4. Consider the reality of Identity Theft & Fraud…

    by so-called “Ashkenazim” Jews in Palestine…who believe that there were “Jews” in the Old Testament…and that “Israel” is in fact a “Jewish” state of mind…

    The Gemara (tractate Sanhedrin 97b) says that the Nation of Israel (aka the Jewish People) will be redeemed as soon as they make teshuva, in other words, return to Hashem and the ways of His Torah. The Gemara then asks, what happens if the Nation of Israel doesn’t make teshuva? Rebbe Yehoshua answers that if Israel doesn’t make teshuva, then Hashem places them under the influence of a wicked king whose evil decrees are as severe as Haman’s, and then they make teshuva.

    this is the NUT that must be cracked…

    there were never any so-called “JEWS” in the Old Testament, especially not the Ashkenazim KHAZAR = GOG & MAGOG “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism…an Anti-Israelite/HATE TRUTH so-called “Religion” that makes a “JEW” a Jewish…….

    …no one HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…


  5. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one here who’s confused about who is on whose side these days. I guess the goal is to get everyone to stand in a circle and shoot each other.

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