CIA’s ‘Guy Fawkes’ Strikes Again

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See if you can spot the pattern!


Following the alleged poisoning death of colorful Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, the new President, Nicolas Maduro, continues to defy the Washington crime gang by doing heavy business with Russia, China and Iran.  

RESULT: FEBRUARY 2014: “Spontaneous” riots erupt in Venezuela.


“Guillermo” Fawkes spotted in Venezuela

UKRAINE / 2014

Ukrainian President Yanukovich rejects closer ties (and eventual membership) in the European Union, choosing to move closer to Putin’s Russia instead.

RESULT: JANUARY 2014: “Spontaneous” riots erupt in Ukraine, just before the Russian Winter Olympics.

Guy Fawkes in Ukraine too!


After bowing to Russian pressure to not attack Syria, Turkish President Erdogan rejects the European Union and turns towards the Russia-China Trading Bloc instead (Shangai Cooperation Organization). Erdogan states:

“If we get into the SCO, we will say good-bye to the European Union. The  SCO — much more powerful. Pakistan wants in. India wants in as well. If the SCO wants us, all of us will become members of this organization.” (here)

RESULT: MAY 2013: “Spontaneous” riots erupt in Turkey, continuing throughout the year.

Turkish “protester” is wearing a “Guy Fawkes” mask.

BRAZIL / 2010 – 2013

Brazil had already rejected the Globalist Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and joined Putin’s BRIC trading bloc instead (along with India & China).

Then, in rejecting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s call for sanctions against Iran, Brazil’s Foreign Minister Celso Amorim held his ground firmly; stating to her publicly:

“We will not simply bow down to an evolving consensus if we do not agree. We have to think by ourselves and with our values and principles. (here)

RESULT: JUNE 2013: “Spontaneous” riots erupt in Brazil, continuing throughout the Summer.

Same “Guy Fawkes” mask as Turkish “protesters”.

CIA infested Time Magazine promotes the clever game. The “protester” was actually named “Person of the Year” for 2012.

4 thoughts on “CIA’s ‘Guy Fawkes’ Strikes Again

  1. wow.. I wanted one of those Guy Fawkes masks….. I guess I’ll have to wait until the C.I.A. sponsors some spontaneity here.

  2. Love my Guy Fawkes mask. He’s been one my heroes ever since “V for Vendetta” came out. One of my favorite movies.

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