Class action against Obama unprecedented: A. L. Webre

Press TV

Press TV has interviewed Alfred Lambremont Webre, international lawyer, Vancouver about US Republican Senator Rand Paul who plans to file a lawsuit against US President Obama over the NSA’s unlawful spying activities. 

What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.  

Press TV: I’d like to get your thoughts on how significant it is that a serving United States senator is planning to sue the president over the espionage activities of the NSA?

Webre: This is an unprecedented and historic law suit. No class action law suit of this sort and of this magnitude has ever been brought and it’s crucial for the integrity of the US Constitution and has worldwide implications.

On the one side we have defending the Constitution US District of Columbia judge Richard Leon who found that the NSA data collection program was unlawful and almost Orwellian in nature. We also have besides Senator Rand Paul, Ken Cuccinelli who is Virginia’s former attorney general who will be the lead lawyer in this, bringing on hundreds of thousands if not up to a million or more Americans in class action.

On the other side, to show you how sharply the contrast is we have the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the FISA court, which ruled on Friday that the NSA can continue for at least another 90 days and there was a ruling by a US District court for the district of New York that based on 9/11…

And that’s the false flag operation of September 11th 2001 where it’s now been shown that that was an inside job by the federal government, by the US government in which George W. Bush, Richard B. Cheney and Donald H. Rumsfeld were personally culpable on down to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

And so they’re saying that because that was a US government operation, now that justifies the NSA.

So there could not be a more sharply defined lawsuit on which the future of the constitutional order in the United States of America now depends.

Myself and all legal scholars and all constitutional scholars call upon all Americans with cell phones to rise up and to join this lawsuit.

Press TV: As you mentioned you are an expert on the issue. Speak to us more about this class action suit on the grounds that this suit will proceed upon – and at the end of the day will it stick, will the charges stick if this class action suit sees its day in court?

Webre: There are two issues here: one issue is the constitutionality of the NSA’s surveillance program; the second issue is whether you can bring a class action under it.

Both of these are highly contentious because you have a split between the New York district court, which found on the basis of 9/11 that the NSA was doing something lawful and you have the Washington DC district finding that it is Orwellian. And that will go to the US Supreme Court.

What the US Supreme Court will do we don’t know because as in this case of Obama Care there is now evidence that even the Chief Justice of the United States may have been suborned to vote on behalf of Obama Care where he voted it as a tax. He was a swing vote.

So we don’t know what the integrity of the US Supreme Court will be. So this is just an amazing fight.

With regard to the other issue – the issue of the class action, this is where the popular voice will come in, the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people coming in.

These are very arcane issues. Usually class actions come in under commercial lawsuits. Here they are coming in under a constitutional lawsuit brought by a sitting US Senator.

This is precedent-breaking law brought by the Virginia State former Virginia attorney general. This is something that’s going to be followed.


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6 thoughts on “Class action against Obama unprecedented: A. L. Webre

  1. Yes people, sign up, use your cellphone to put you on “the list” of higher scrutiny. I think Obama gets his “kill list” on Tuesdays.

  2. Sure, sue Obama on NSA but not on the NDAA, Benghazi, his fake birth certificate, his unconstitutional gun control policies, Fast and Furious scandal (one among many) or even Obamacare for cryin’ out loud. Hell, Obama is a mass murderer and a foreign threat to our country, for cryin’ out loud.

    But seeing as how Rand is already a traitor (since he supports Zionist Israel and Romney), this is all a dog and pony show and when there are dog and pony shows going on, you can be sure that the elite are using it to distract us from another false flag deal being planned and/or implemented behind closed doors somewhere else.

    Stay vigilant, people. Some covert operation or action against the American people, if not the world, is soon to happen. You can bet on it.

  3. I don’t trust lawyers or politicians , hey it’s a two for one here, like it is for most if not all of these POS
    He’s probably just trying to play all sides , thinking that’s going to save his traitorist ass
    Not with me , it don’t fly with me for any of them

  4. If “Wailing Wall Rand” is making a move, it means Israel is making a move. Israel already threw Bush and Co. under the bus and said 9/11 was all their fault when we know damn well Israel had their hands in it also.
    Seems like the factions in D.C. are having a little catfight, all for the viewing pleasure of the brainwashed masses who are still programmed to think that somebody in Washington is going to save them.

  5. Everyone believes that they should fight and die for their country until they realize they have no country and everything to live and die for came not from the country but rom the cradle.I know some of you might find it hard to believe but Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein would love to take your guns while reserving their own tax payer supported mansions to be supported at home while their own imperialistic wars of aggression be supported overseas starves and murders millions

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