Come on Down! Senior Militia Members

Senior Militia MembersUS Crow – by Ron Hardin

Many things effect our ability to do certain things. However nothing stops us from doing what is right. When we see our nation making wrong turns we feel that sense of dread creep up in our hearts. Well today is one of those days.

This nation is rocking along on a flat tire on it’s way to another unwanted war. No! I am not talking about the insane movements our Commander in Thief is making in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. I am talking about the rise of anger among our people over the insidious taking of our liberties. Those who have had the duty to serve in other places in combat know we don’t want to see that here in our backyard, but the alternatives are not any better.  

Senior Old-Fart Brigade

This burning gets especially bad if you feel you can not help. I am here to say you can help. I am a charter member of the S.O.B’s. Senior Old-fart Brigade s. I have no place in a combat team since my sneaking up in the woods sounds like a three alarm brushfire. Snap! Crackle! and plop! If you are in the same boat come on down. Your age, size, and infirmities can become an asset.

The Invisible Militia

No one pays much attention to old-farts unless we get in their way. When we do they snarl, and we move on, and they curse, and go on their way. We are mostly invisible. That is our asset!

So if we sit on the front porch with a paper and a pencil it is assumed we are doing the crosswords. If we fill those slots with troop movement intel who notices. If we cane our way down to a check point, and back, we are getting some exercise, and no one notices. If we fill our pockets with rounds, and leave them in a Mickey D bag in the trash no one will notice. If we map out the check points on our hanky which we just blew our noses on no one will look.

So if you are old, frail, fat, or just not healthy come on down. There will be a place for you to serve your nation. In fact you can start today from home. If you simply begin to locate all of the traffic cams, power stations, power pole switches, fire hydrants, and other needed things then when the militias come to your area you will have a great map for them.

Senior CMF Militia Members

If you are one of the new usCrow commanders and have this stack of well meaning, but unusable enlistment applications don’t discard them or have to sit down and explain to each one why their services will not be needed at this time. Organize them into your Support Brigades! In the active duty military the ratio of teeth the tail is 1:6. With the additional weapon systems it has probably soared to 7 or 8:1. So begin that support Brigade today as you set up your fire units.

Seniors aiding MILCOMM Militia Communications

If you are infirm and can answer a phone where messages are left there is a place for you. If you have a CB or FRS radio, and can monitor them at certain times, and transcribe the messages for handing off at the gas station later come on down.

Seniors Providing Auxiliary Roles in The Militia

Any of you who used to hunt and have reloading skills, and or, equipment come on down. If you can cook, and are willing to feed the troops come on down.

So sign up. If you don’t feel good about being a warrior or supporting them don’t despair. There is a need for disaster support and Neighborhood protection and planning too. Been a fireman, EMT, or have other Emergency Management skills come on down too.

It is time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.

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