ComIn Core Being Implemented in All USSA Schools

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Dear Comrades,

Young Socialists across the USSA are noticing that the Department of Education and Indoctrination’s new Communist International Core State Standards Initiative, known as ‘Comintern Core’ or ‘ComIn Core,’ is being implemented across all administrative districts.

As students gather for mandatory education programs, they are learning not only about reading and writing, but also about the value of community and the necessity of Socialism for the survival of mankind.   

Education and political formation go hand in hand, and our Teachers Unions throughout the USSA are working hard to provide an environment where children can be effectively educated about their political duties and community obligations, both for their benefits as well as the benefit of all the workers and peasants of the USSA.

Students must learn to value community and the role of the Party in leading the Masses, lest they be drawn away by non-conformist thinking, which leads to an inharmonious society and unequal distribution of wealth.

ComIn Core is a necessary step to regularizing all educational efforts to achieve uniform results, which is a necessary condition for social progress.

Through writing exercises, children are taught mottos of the Party while learning to write letters and spell, such as:

“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

“I must give up some of what I have so that others who have less will be happy.”

“I will obey everything I am told for the good of all my fellow citizens.”

In more senior grades, students will be instructed to write daily journal entries reporting on their home activities, with the help of school psychologists and political guidance counselors. Essays will also be composed, such as:

“My parents’ activities at home for the month of April.”

“I denounce __________ for criminal conduct against our beloved nation.”

“Reflections of Executive Order #84725336 and its positive effect on minorities and the oppressed.”

The Party is now considering a ComIn Core program for other age groups, including a ‘summer camp’ program for adults to receive intensive education, bringing them up to their children’s level of educational development.

ComIn Core will provide children with a brighter future! The Party will give our children happiness through good political formation!


2 thoughts on “ComIn Core Being Implemented in All USSA Schools

  1. I’ve always been a firm believer in ; it starts in the home. let’s see if what’s taught in the home can indoctrinate our young about what this country originally stood for. Or are we going to see the zombies follow along and make America a socialist country?.

  2. This actually started a couple years ago in Texas. 4th grade son brought home ‘journal’. When asked what was he expected to write, he responded that the teachers wanted him to write ‘everyday stuff’ as if it were a diary. Got with other parents and the journal experiment died the following week. Be prepared, be vigilant.

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