Communists Failing in Hijacking the Occupy America Protests

The new debate seems to be are the Occupy Wall Street and End the Fed movements being taken over and if so by whom?  This is proving to be a difficult question to answer and I will tell you why.  The grassroots movements cannot be taken over as they are made up of individuals acting in coordination with one another.  Look at it like this, if every communist and socialist comes to the rallies trying to take over, when their failure finally forces them to return home, nothing they say or do is going to stop we as individuals from voting Ron Paul into office, restoring our Republic, and driving the communist and socialists out with the rest of the scum.

Michele Bachmann says that the Occupy Wall Street and End the Fed protests have nothing in common with the Tea Party protests.  And speaking from her perspective as a neo-con trying to claim the Tea Party as her own, she is right.  The social communists and the neo-cons have absolutely nothing to do with the grassroots patriotic movement and we are going to show them just how insignificant they all are when the 2012 election rolls around.

This seems like an opportune moment to address FOX’s Fair and Balanced News coverage of the protest marches.  FOX News is without question flipping the bird to 99% of their potential viewing audience.  This should dispel any doubts as to the fact that those working at FOX are working for and aspiring to be a part of the corporate elite.  They are making no bones about the fact that they hate the rest of us, which suits me right down to the ground as we hate them in kind.  It must be really galling to the elite to see the rest of us, whom they consider to be peasants, taking them to task.

Well if any of you elites happen to be reading this, I tell you the fun has just started.  Before we are through with you you are going to know the true gravity of your treachery and deceit, as it pulls your sorry asses down into the bottom of the deportation barge.

There are 74 days until Christmas and the politicians at large just keep parroting the same old slogans and buzz words as they continue to steal hand over fist, week after week, as more of our jobs and wealth flow out of our country.

It is now October; when we harvest the bounty of our land, so don’t be surprised when the hiring of about 500,000 field workers, consisting mostly of illegal aliens, is portrayed as a new jobs boom.  And once again the neo-cons will start saying that the unemployed are in their condition because they choose to be so.

There are now admissions that the reports a week ago of increasing wages were false and in fact wages have been decreasing at a higher percent since the so called end of the recession than they were during the so called recession, which we all know in reality is a deep depression that is getting deeper.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Our enemies will not stop until we stop them and the ever growing protests are a good start.  We must ignore the efforts to hijack the movement and we must support our people who make up the true core of the patriotic protesters.  All our efforts will be affirmed as the correct course when we elect Ron Paul as our president in 2012.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Communists Failing in Hijacking the Occupy America Protests

  1. Henry,
    I just wanted to thank you once again for being the highlight of my day in an otherwise dreary and pathetic existence. I am trying to make some new connections with some occupy people in my hometown. I greatly appreciate your message.

  2. Pat,
    You are definitely not alone in your feelings, I have also been feeling that way alot. Being victimized by the international corporate mafia is hurting many. Most people would like to be building a retirement at my age of 49 years old.. not losing it. Thanks Henry for making this website and keeping it alive for all those who are suffering!

  3. Hey Henry, I have heard in certain circles that George Sorass is behind the Occupy movement…that is where they are getting the $$ to bus them around the country. Nothing I can put my finger on but something is a miss with this.
    And thanks a ton for the promo piece you created…very cool. I need a few more pieces of equiptment before I will be able to do that type of audio recording. I could probably do it now. But it would be a lot easier to wait until I get the mixing board set up. I’ll get that going asap. If you like I will return the favor as well. Just let me know. If you would like me to archive your program let me know as well.
    Thanks for stepping up Henry. Welcome to the Network :^)

    1. Spike,
      Absolutely George Soros and his communist league started it all, but like the internet their plan backfired on them. What they forgot was 20 million long term unemployed, who had been kicked out of the middle class and had everything they had worked for their whole lives taken from them. These people were looking for any way they could find to lash out. Being fairly intelligent people, when they seen their world destroyed, they jumped on the internet to find out what the hell happened. That is when they found us patriots waiting for them and we let them know in a hurry who had ripped them off and left them destitute.
      When these communists started doing their circle tweets, mimicking the Taliban communists in Egypt, everybody saw a chance to hit the street and start raising hell. If you watch the mainstream propaganda coming from the protests, you see tight shots of select groups. These are the commies and all their commie signs say the same thing. But the fact is the majority of the protesters on the street, before the unions started busing in the troops, were our people, the patriots. In fact from what I can make out, I think our people still outnumber them on the streets.
      You will notice that neither the Communist News Network nor neo-con FOX will commit to putting a tag on the movement. I have to believe that if the communist outnumbered the patriots, CNN would have already labeled the movement as Obama’s Revolution. I can see it on their faces. They want to say it, but it is just too untrue to take the chance.
      We outnumber the communists and the neo-cons by far. I think we just need to step back, realize our numbers, and start coordinating our attack in such a way as to make it impossible to identify the cause of anything short of the Patriotic Free Americans and Ron Paul vs. the Evil Empire,

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