Communists Stand in Defiance of Bill of Rights

The communist insurgents within the United States continue their push to disarm we American nationals, even to the point of presenting poll numbers which have been proven to be false via their own previous admissions.  Captain Mark Kelly, the husband of ex-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, was making the rounds over the weekend, spouting his sedition while trying to present himself as some kind of American hero.

Let’s look at this logically and ask the question. Does the government grant the people their rights?  Was the Bill of Rights written by the government to outline the privileges they were to bestow upon us, said privileges of course to be revoked, altered, or regulated at the government’s whim?  

This is the position the government would like to establish.  It is however absolutely a fiction.  This government did not grant us our rights, as all power within this nation resides in the people.  We granted the government limited power, which they have distorted.  Our rights are inalienable, they cannot be removed as we are born with them and they stay with us until our deaths.

The 2nd Article to the Bill of Rights states in part: “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  This is an absolute statement and there is no way it can be misconstrued.

Infringe is defined as: “Act so as to limit or undermine; encroach on”, therefore any government action that alters, in the smallest degree, any American nationals right to arm, as he or she sees fit, is by definition an infringement and is not law, but rather an act of sedition.

The infringements that have been levied upon our Bill of Rights are too numerous to count.  These infringements have in fact brought us to the precipice of slavery.  The only thing standing in the way of a complete takeover of the people by the government is our possession of our firearms which have not yet been made a part of the infringements.

This is not just about our 2nd Article right.  This is about our freedom and liberty,  A person who is governed by another person is not free.  This is why our Republic emphasizes self governess of, by, and for the individual.

Mark Kelly spouted the lie that 92% of the American people support universal background checks, which can only be accomplished through universal registration.  Again, this is a lie, but even if it were not, it would not matter.  If 99.999% supported it, no one of us can alter the rights of another.

Our employees in the government are forbidden by law to advocate in any way to alter our Bill of Rights. The 1934 Gun Control Act was and is an infringement, and tell me how bold would these actors within this police state be in attacking our homes, if we still had our machine guns and hand grenades?  The 1968 Gun Control Act was and is an infringement, as the 2nd Article to the Bill of Rights does not say “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed except for those who are felons. “

These communists are parasites of the lowest degree and have sleazed their way into our lives in taking our kindness for weakness, said kindness fostered in reality via stupidity as the most feared threat to our safety is an armed government wielding tyranny over an unarmed population.

These present infringements have been put forth for no other reason than to segment another portion of our population to be without their inalienable rights.  And with the new mental health aspect, hell you do not even have to be accused of harming anyone.  Now, instead of being dispossessed of our rights via conviction, which again is unconstitutional, we are to be disarmed for what could happen: an ‘if’ or a ‘maybe’.

We must stand firm in our defiance of universal background check registration and let these communists know that not only are they going to cease and desist in their attempt at further infringement, but we demand that all past infringements be removed as a precursor to their trials for sedition.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Communists Stand in Defiance of Bill of Rights

    1. NOTE, they will stop when we the people put them dead, in the ground six foot under. then freedom will flourish once again. there is no way around this now…..look back into history every time this tyranny has occurred, the only way the tyrants were stopped was either at the end of a long-gun by way of lead vaccine. or supernaturally by the LORD CREATOR(moses and ancient israel).

  1. This just goes to show that this govt. has gone on strike against the Bill of Rights. It is time for the people to go on strike against the current american govt. and stop this garbage that they are trying to feed us all. We got our Bill of Rights and they got the Constitution. They got their Constitutional rules to follow and we got The Bill of Rights to make them follow their rules, and they are disrespecting both The Bill of Rights and The Constitution. Could that be called comunism?

  2. Great article, Henry, and it rings truer than a bell. All of our rights are being systematically squashed, and they’re not going to be returned peaceably.

    I think the rush to disarm us is an attempt to accomplish that before the economy crashes, and they’re moving so quickly and haphazardly toward that goal that they’re showing their hand to millions, which results in millions more on our side. And if I’m right about this, it also means that they can’t hide the economic collapse much longer, and they know it.

    I’m actually hoping the economy crashes soon (the sooner the better), because that will be the impetus that moves Americans off their couches. They know this too, and that’s why their disarmament plans have been shifted into high-gear.

  3. these communist p*ssies that call themselves Citizens, belong in N. Korea, china or cuba! they should be tried and if convicted, stripped of citizenship and DEPORTED to the country of their choice, at their own cost! to perhaps one of the countries I mentioned earlier!
    Any government employee advocating any kind of infringement of any right, is GUILTY OF PERJURY of OATH AND TREASON!

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