Congress Objections On Hold, What Went Down; “Take Down The CCP”: Message to GOV In Bed With China

January 6, 2021

A subgroup of the main body of protestors breached the U.S. Capitol Building today, while the joint session to count Electoral College votes was being held. It’s possible that some of those involved were responding in anger to ongoing failures by government, courts, law enforcement and media to recognize unlawful conduct in the presidential election.

Following the unauthorized entry of the crowd into the Capitol Building, President Trump has directed protesters to “go home now,” and to conduct themselves lawfully and peacefully. However, Twitter and Facebook are currently censoring his communications; with Twitter claiming “risk of violence” as their reason.

Meanwhile, China analyst, Jack Posobiec offers insights into the Chinese Communist regime’s role in this subversion of America; a fact pointed to by a substantial body of evidence, including manipulated voting machines and overseas-produced ballots. There’s a similar theme of manipulated data in seemingly watered-down reports coming from the CCP of low virus infection rates in China. Suffice to say, the figures don’t match the crisis measures being taken by a number of Chinese cities.

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