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Convoy to D.C. – Truckers To Shut Down America in October

hammerdownSHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Last year the American Truckers Association prepared a report for Congress highlighting the susceptibility of the nation’s just-in-time delivery system, the majority of which is made possible by the transport and delivery of freight. In the event of a catastrophic disaster such as a war that drives fuel prices through the roof or even a natural disaster such as a solar flare that renders electronic trucks inoperable, there would be a “a swift and devastating impact on the food, healthcare, transportation, waste removal, retail, manufacturing, and financial sectors,” according to the report.  

The backbone of commerce in the United States are the truck drivers who spend long hours on the road ensuring our very survival as a modern society.

But with fuel prices continuing to rise, wages dropping, jobs becoming harder to find, and rampant corruption in Washington D.C. furthering the country’s economic death spiral, America’s truck drivers, like the majority of our fellow citizens, are fed up.

Between October 11th and 13th they have called for a general strike, asking truck drivers around the country to refuse to haul freight, a move that could carry with it a significant impact on the American economy.

The protest calls for truckers to make their way to Washington D.C. in a massive convoy in an effort to call attention to, among other things, the Benghazi cover-up, the recent attack which killed 25 members of Seal Team 6, ever rising fuel prices, and claims that President Obama has engaged in treasonous crimes.

Moreover, they’ve requested that the American people join them in solidarity by not shopping or engaging in any economic activity that benefits the government or their corporate interests.

The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!

Breaker 1 9 calling on all Trucker to shut America down for three days October 11-13. The American people are bleeding out with no relief in sight, It is time to change the NEWS. Let us show our elected officials that we are 100% fed up with corruption and the blatant disregard of the Constitution that they swore to defend.

Bob tail it hammer down to the bull$hit city with flags flying high.

My fellow Patriot this effort is to support the truckers in a major shut down of America ion a 3 day strike October 11th thru 13th.

Obamacare will be in effect and most people will be ready to take action. No commerce on those days stock up on items that you will need. No banking no shopping no money transactions. It does not matter If a million or 50 roll through DC in this effort. Congress will listen to We The People. Which is remove Obama from office for crimes of treason and misdemeanors. We want Congressional hearing on Benghazi and Seal Team 6. Louis Learner put in jail. No amnesty, remove all Muslims in our government that do not uphold the Constitution. Remove Eric Holder from office for crimes against the people and the Constitution. Last but not least is Fuel prices.

Via: The Truckers to Shutdown America Facebook Page

The protest comes on the heels of a massive biker rally held in Washington D.C., and other grass roots efforts to hold the government to account for various Constitutional transgressions including everything from stripping Americans of their right to bear arms, to forced health care mandates soon to be implemented across the country (with exemptions for members of Congress and corporations with insider access, of course).

Calls of accountability have grown louder over the years from all political sides, starting most notably with the Tea Party movement and progressing to Occupy Wall Street.

The corruption and need for real change in America’s government has transcended political lines.

If the hundreds of thousands of truckers across America who keep our delivery systems running efficiently were to join together and stop hauling freight for even a week, the impact would be devastating and could not be ignored.

There’d be no food on the shelves, no fuel at our gas stations, and no medical supplies at our pharmacies and hospitals.

Congress and the President, who would like nothing more than to be perceived as our saviors and benefactors, would have no choice but to address the concerns of freight haulers, because the American people would feel the effects of the protest directly. And, chances are they’d be in the streets protesting themselves because of lack of access to essential goods they can’t live without.

We may often feel as if we, as individuals, have no power against the mighty United States government, but as Karl Denninger points out, we have much more power than we think.

If we get just 10% of America on board the entire game changes.

Especially when the business world — and government — realize that the next one is Black Friday weekend.

Just 10% of Americans can change the course of history, much like they did during the Revolutionary War.

Whether it happens in October, during Black Friday sales this November, or at some point in the future, this seemingly untenable situation is coming to a head.

Robert Kennedy may have said it best:

A revolution is coming — a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough — But a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability.

Robert Kennedy
Senate Floor
May 9, 1966

The snowball in America continues to roll down the hill, gaining speed and mass.

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21 Responses to Convoy to D.C. – Truckers To Shut Down America in October

  1. Metapy says:

    I for one will ask if not beg, for every American citizen to prepare for this event. Strike along with these truckers by not buying anything during this period of time. If at all possible do not go to work, stand by these truckers in any way you can. We the people of these United States can and will send a very loud and clear message to those whom are behind these recent events. Again please do your part in this historical event, purchase all needed supplies before hand and be prepared. Do not buy anything, do not go to work, keep your children home, and together well will send a very clear message, that we the people are fed up.

    • rbeason says:

      I am in support of this complete situation….of what this article….asks

      this is but one, there are others, way the WE The people can do our thing…..
      We need not kill………WE Can
      This is the way it is…..DC
      you know what, how many people are actually there in the fed gov

      500+ elected…
      and lots of workers……….
      absolutely nothing compared to the numbers of us out here in the land……..their numbers are damn near zero…..compared to ours….
      So keep up the Plus thoughts….
      things can be done….against……..dictatorial…DC

    • Susan Barrett aka GrinNBarrett says:

      I will not make one purchase for the whole week not one. If I run out I will do without, I stand.

  2. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    Being a trucker myself I can categorically confirm that this a smoldering pile of dynamite waiting to spark off. We have been screwed big time recently by the administration over new hourly rules taking big money out of our pockets. Many old timers have simply quit, rendering an already need of drivers to unbelievable levels. Many new drivers are dangerous and are mainly foreigners who could care less about america. The rest are simply green and are poorly trained while making next to nothing, not realizing that only time and experience brings in the decent money.

    4 million trucks run this country daily, hands down. Small to large equipment running around the country servicing our every need. Drivers are hard to come by because of the hard work involved and away time from the families. We are paid squat for what we do.

    You piss off the truckers you going to have a very big problem. Can you say no food, milk or water? That’s just for starters. Truckers are tired of big brother telling them how to run their business, we are being taxed to death while the 4 wheeler’s don’t pay squat.

    The problem being they consider us unskilled labor killing any chance of a decent wage. Unskilled labor? these clowns are kidding right? Let’s see these ass wipes pull 80,000 lbs across country into New York city for delivery….LOL 95 percent would end up wrecked the first 100 miles into the 2800 mile trip. Don’t insult me with this tripe of unskilled labor.

    I know of airline pilots that couldn’t back a semi 10 feet without wrecking the unit.

  3. NC says:

    I can see this being clouded or blacked out in the media by either the coming war in Syria or the power grid going down in November if not earlier.

    I’m sure just like the AE911 event, there will be something or some group of people to come in, coincidentally at the same time, to block it out of the media and the media will say, “the power grid caused a delay in all of the trucking” or “the economy is running a little slow this month” or “the people just don’t need to buy as much as they used to” or some shit like that. That will be their way of countering it all. Expect it.

    So if that’s the case, maybe you truckers should find a way to make sure that that doesn’t happen or have a counter-info. campaign plan or something in the works.

    • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

      Hi NC-

      Hunger is a good counter right?

      • NC says:

        Yes, but my point is that if the power grid falls or if war develops or something overshadows that like a natural disaster, they will blame hunger on that and not on truckers in D.C.

        They always seem to have a cover story in place to overshadow these kinds of rallies or events. I’m just saying, be prepared to find a way to counter to that.

        I’m kinda with Henry on the idea that everyone should just find a way of getting together and closing off all the ports. If they can do that, then the trucker strike will definitely be icing on the cake. Now that would definitely kick it up a notch. Of course, if the power grid falls, then they would still blame it on that. UGH! I don’t know. Timing is everything. Just shootin’ ideas, I guess.

  4. Logan Fyfe says:

    There’s some rumbling in TX about a gun rights demonstration at the Alamo sometime mid October, perhaps around the time of the strike. I hear the San Antonio police chief (aka Santa Ana) has vowed to arrest anyone who shows up legally open carrying a long gun.
    Kinda romantic taking a stand on Davy Crocket’s turf, and for the same reasons.

    Is a perfect storm brewing? Will this time be known as the American Fall – both in the seasonal and tragic senses?

  5. Clayman says:

    Does anybody remember the Fema region III alert for October? It seems to me that they may already be thinking something like this would happen or they have there own false flag ready to pop. Also the numbers are a bit freaky if you know about their love of numerology. 11-13-13. Nothing surprises me anymore. Just saying…

  6. RC says:

    Bring the hammer down!!!!!! Now it’s time to declare our sovereign rights! Read the Act of 1871 & you’ll see the Govt really doesn’t have any authority beyond a 5 mile radius of Wash., DC.. Surround the City 5 mile & one foot with trucks, pickups, cars, boats, bikes or whatever you can bring!!!! Let no-one in or out, shut DC off, then watch who squalls. By shopping ONLY LOCAL on those days sends the statement to the controlling EVILISTS that “WE THE REAL PEOPLE” of the REAL “united States of America” (correct phrasing) mean business, PERIOD!!!!! Do not allow DC to breathe, cut them off, peacefully, just stand firm & reclaim your Country…….LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the power folks I’m proud of you——-Continue on your path to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  7. DL. says:

    Good grief-“Remove all Muslims in our government that do not uphold the Constitution”…Really? Just remove “Muslims”?? Gimme a break! ALL and I mean ALL government officials that do not uphold the Constitution should be removed!!!

    Kiddo, when you post crap like that—as if being an Israel-firster is just fine, or being a neocon or a neolib is just fine, or being a Dominionist is just fine–is when you start losing credibility! Sorry, but I am sick and tired of Islamophobia…especially when the Talmud is far more evil than the Koran could ever hope to be!

  8. Jay says:

    I am a I.O.O trucker and I will be there.

  9. Whitewraithe says:

    Muslims in America are not the threat, folks.

    It’s the Jewish Zionists in the government that are the first and foremost threat. They are the ones calling for more immigration, more taxation, and more wars in the middle east.

    They’ve destroyed America’s educational system dumbing down the past three generations.

    Jewish doctors and scientists push deadly mercury ridden vaccines that they know are dangerous and can cause brain damage and even death.

    Monsanto’s Jews have poisoned the entire U.S. food supply.

    And lets not forget the biggest scam: fluoridating the country’s water supply which is a slow-kill process causing all types of cancer, loss of I.Q., and Alzheimers, because a side effect of drinking fluoridated water causes the brain to go numb, not to mention, that the corrosive substance consisting mainly of aluminum weakens the enamel pitting the teeth causing cavities.

    The Jews in Congress and the Senate along with their Executive lackey’s were responsible for the bank bail-out in 2008, the derivative scandal, the mortgage crisis, and most importantly – 9/11!!!!!!!

    Christian Zionists set aside your religious prejudice, and see the REAL enemy before America is a smoldering pile of cinders and ashes and every Christian is laying dead or dying in the streets. Jesus told us who the enemy was 2000 years ago, so to every Christian in America, don’t you think it’s about time you listened to the Savior?

    These criminals should be arrested and tried in court for crimes against the American people.

  10. marsha says:

    Since it wouldn’t be very practical for most truckers west of the Continental Divide to drive their rigs to D.C. I think it would be a great idea if they would just park their rigs on the shoulders of the interstate highways displaying banners on the side facing traffic. I know from first hand experience that the media blackouts in D.C. happen all the time and are very likely to take place that weekend. By having rigs parked all over America’s highways with their message would be hard to deny nationwide. I think that just the lack of trucks traveling in general will also be very noticeable. I just hope that there will be enough of them participating to make a difference.
    We owe thanks and a debt of gratitude to all that participate!

    • sharon says:

      Can’t you Truckers go on Suprise Thursday,,, Instead of Black Friday, that way you will have the 5 mile + 1 Foot all lined out with Trucks etc. And be set up for Black Friday..Be a Step ahead of those Bullies. Wish you all Luck.Those BARRICADES are Defacing the World War II Memorial Monument..Obama Administration set them back up Today..It’s on Face Book.Roll On, Roll On<<<

  11. marsha says:

    OMG!!! Isn’t that the TRUTH. Couldn’t have said it better myself &
    We all know that the TRUTH will set you free.

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