Cops Called While Fishing!? Old Man Strikes Back

Published on Jun 20, 2016

The grumpy old man strikes again! came back to my local honey hole and the cops were called on me for fishing ….SMH this is the same guy that i had a previous incident with CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH OUR FIRST ENCOUNTER…

In the video the officer states that i was clearly correct for being able to fish there. Advice to all fisherman be a bit knowledgeable about the law and city ordinance just in case you come across idiots like this guy…shout out to this cop for doing his job correctly.

2 thoughts on “Cops Called While Fishing!? Old Man Strikes Back

    1. Thank you Jack for your comment ….. I was wondering if I heard correctly??? the cop say: “I am a UN Peace Keeper” Wow…

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