Cop’s Wife Kills Teen in Accident After Having Drinks at a Bar, Apologizes by Suing Family

Richard EschThe Anti-Media – by Cassius Methyl

Richard Esch was 16 years old when the wife of a police officer struck him and his 3 friends with her SUV, killing his best friend and irreparably injuring and traumatizing the survivors in Ontario, Canada.

“He was my best friend,” he said, holding a photo of deceased Derek Majewski.

Now, the killer of Richard’s best friend is actually suing the Esch family and the other boy who she hit with her car, Jake Roberts, for  hitting them with her car. “In my entire career I’ve never heard of anyone ever suing a dead child that they killed,” said the Esch family’s lawyer. “It’s horrible.”  

Sharlene Simon, and her husband, a York regional police officer, are attempting to  claim $1.35 million in damages “due to her psychological suffering, including depression, anxiety, irritability and post-traumatic stress.”

She was she was driving 90 km/h in an 80 km/h zone, and after she struck the boys, she showed absolutely no regret or sympathy.

The husband of the woman who killed this boy was the only person to walk up to the victims and ask if they were okay, and even he showed no remorse. He frantically ran up to them and said he was calling the police, according to a passerby who stopped at the scene, and then he returned to his car with his wife with no regard for the victims.

When police showed up, the couple were allowed to leave, and as Richard’s friend lay dying in a ditch, they did just that.

A random person passing by had more concern for the dying teenager than his killer.

A Toronto Sun article said,

“As Richard lay in the ditch, crying out in agony, a couple stopped when they saw the glint of red bicycle reflectors. A man ran to him while his wife ran to the dying boy sprawled in the middle of the road in the moonlight in a yellow jacket.”

“It’s not a memory I will ever forget,” said Melanie Lachance, the passerby who held the boy’s hand until he died. “It hits you even harder later on.”

The killer of this teen at first reported to police that she thought she struck a deer. “Well, I’ve never seen a deer riding a bicycle with reflectors and a bright yellow jacket on,” said the father of Richard Esch.

“There is no reason she didn’t see them – you can see a mouse run across that straight stretch of road at night … I would like to know why she wasn’t charged and why she and her husband were allowed to leave the scene,” he continued.“If this woman was a real person, with a real heart, she would not have done this to us…we have nothing,”

“It’s soul sucking,” says the father of the deceased teenager, Derek Majewski.“We’re still in pain. We’re still confused. We’re still waiting.”

This is a prime example of psychopathy, and it’s a very telling story when it comes to understanding the psychological framework of certain people, and what can foster such a mental state. How can a person possibly sue the family of a teenager she killed, and get away with it, free to leave the scene as soon as allied, biased police officers show up?

It’s just another case of police and people involved with police showing signs of absolute psychopathy, and getting away with whatever crime they commit as well.

Please share this with as many people as possible. Let’s call out psychopathy, and any instance in which the power invested in authority is heartless, irrational, and disregards basic morality.

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