Dana Loesch: ‘Gun control is the ultimate war on women’

Hands Off My GunThe Blaze – by Benjamin Weingarten

Dana Loesch has a new book coming out in October that is sure to stir up controversy among anti-gun activists, while firing up Second Amendment proponents.

The provocative title, “Hands Off My Gun,” (AmazonB&N) provides readers with the historical background behind why the Founders developed the Second Amendment, the devastating consequences (especially for women) of restrictions on such rights, and exposes the tactics and ideology of anti-gun activists while providing a guide to debunk their most specious arguments.  

In connection with our sneak peek of Dana’s new bookBlaze Books (FacebookTwitter) also took the opportunity to ask Dana a few questions about “Hands Off My Gun,” the responses to which are below:

Why should Americans, even those who are for restrictions on guns, pick up this book?

Dana: There is an important distinction there: we have a number of laws already enacted. What people like anti-gun extremists like Michael Bloomberg and his “moms” group want is an outright ban on firearms. Shannon Troughton Watts, the former Fortune 500 exec who was picked by Bloomberg to head up Moms Demand Action, once said that any firearm that fires 10 rounds per minute should be considered an “assault weapon” and thus, banned. That’s virtually every firearm in circulation. People who are anti-gun extremists are going to hate this book because included are all of the things they fight so very hard to ignore: the racist roots of gun control, how gun control is the ultimate war on women, and a thorough debunking of the biggest gun control myths promoted by extremists. Those who are for Second Amendment liberties will learn even more: the Founders’s intent, state law, the real effects of concealed carry on crime, the battles we’ve won and the battles yet to come.

What is going to most surprise people in this book?

Dana: That gun rights were a factor in determining whether black men and women could be free.

Why is gun control the real war on women?

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Dana: Because statistically, women are the most targeted. The average woman does not have the physical strength of a man. As much as I want to believe that I’m 6’6 and 275 lbs, in reality I’m 5’6″ and a buck 20. If a dude wants to take me down he will. The only method available of leveling the playing field is with my ultimate equalizer, my firearm. Women have had the right to bear arms since before we could vote. How amazing that the very men who sought to deny us the vote now seek to disenfranchise us of our Second Amendment liberties.

The left has been trying to tie recent shootings like that in Las Vegas to “right-wingers.” Any comments on the matter? 

Dana: These murderers were kicked off the Bundy Ranch because they weren’t there for the same reasons that others participated. They ranted like leftists in their video and shot people. One of them was a felon who had no gun rights but was able to illegally obtain and illegally use a firearm because criminals, by the very name, don’t follow laws. The left wants to deflect from murderous thugs like the Virginia Tech murderer was a registered Democrat who wrote hate mail to Bush; James Lee was responsible for the Discovery Channel hostage situation and cited “Inconvenient Truth” and Media Matters as inspiration; James Holmes behind Aurora hated Christians and was reported to be a Democrat; Jared Loughner was a Marxist with a devil shrine in his backyard; Navy Yard thug Aaron Alexis was a registered Democrat; if the left wants to have this conversation, bring it, we can go all day. For years the left has prayed for someone on the right to snap and go on a killing spree meanwhile it happens regularly on their own side. When they whine over being called out on this remember: they made it political. Not us.

Will you be sending a copy of your book to Piers Morgan?


Dana: When he develops more than a remedial reading ability and comprehension, yes.


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