4 thoughts on “Dark Night 13

  1. What’s Dark night 13 and where does it say that? Can anyone explain for me?

    By the way, my security question’s answer was 13. How freaky is that? lol

  2. When I ask where does it say that? I was hoping someone could give me a link to where it says that. I only see it in the video.

    By the way, “Dark Night” sounds like a power grid shutdown.

    Here’s a theory:

    What if the government wanted to release a story saying they were going to do a drill in advance on Nov. 13-15th and get the media and alternative media all hyped up and distracted when in actuality, the REAL event (surprise attack) was scheduled for Oct. 13th? AKA Dark Night. It would make sense if Obama wanted the military and DHS to be ready by Oct. 1st.

    Think about it. Who else agrees with me? If that’s the case, I don’t think they could have predicted the truckers to be there on Oct. 13th to possibly interfere with their plans. What do you guys think?

  3. Ya … he doesn’t give a link, nor show us a URL in the video to what he was pointing out about “Oct. 13 Dark Night” dated “27Sept13” does he? It’s not very clear.

    But it does look like he is showing us there was some preparation in case of a government shutdown, which is reasonable …. I guess.
    . . .

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