Deputies kill armed 73-year-old Ashland man during eviction

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The Jackson County sheriff says two deputies were serving an eviction order on an Ashland man Tuesday when he came out of his bedroom pointing a shotgun at them, and they shot and killed him.

Sheriff Mike Winters told a press conference Wednesday that both deputies fired and 73-year-old Earl Carlson Harris was hit at least twice.

Winters says it appears the deputy’s decision to fire was correct, but the case remains under investigation by state police and others.  

He says four SWAT team members were off the property and standing by because when deputies talked to Harris about foreclosure on a previous occasion, he was armed.

Winters adds that Harris had several guns, as well as grenades, and he flew the American flag upside down, signaling anti-government views.

8 thoughts on “Deputies kill armed 73-year-old Ashland man during eviction

  1. Most would say “the guy came out with a shotgun the police had a right to shoot him” I say BS. There is always a way to settle something of this sort, and other situations without killing someone. I do know there are certain situations where it is necessary but this is not one of them…Seems the police have no thought of anything but shooting someone. No mental capacity of working things out, just go in and if the person does not bow and beg then shoot em..
    Sick of this. 99% of incidents such as this, I truly believe if I was in charge the situation would end peacefully. If I made a mistake once and got shot, well, if I choose to be swat or police that is part of the job. Maybe its just me. The police go into a situation with zero compassion, zero negotiation, zero thought process…obey or we kill you…
    I am sick of this “anti-government” crap also. I am not “anti-government”. We need a government. Why dont they call it what it is…anti-lies, anti-theft, anti-murder etc…

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    …And the, “American Reign Of Terror” claims another innocent victim.

    I’m betting the guy came out of his room with,… his teeth in a glass of water!,.. wondering what the noise was,.. and then,.. BLAMO!!!

    Death By Pyscho-Pathic Cop.

    JD – US Marines – This is what awaits all of us.

  3. Now I know what to expect at my age I would greet them with a shot gun too.
    Death By Paranoid- Pyscho-Pathic Cop.
    Thanks JD

  4. Could have been “Suicide by cop”. At 73 he could well have preferred a quick death to being homeless and without support on the streets.
    Looking at what is going on around me, I am fast approaching that state of mind.

  5. “Winters adds that Harris had several guns, as well as grenades, and he flew the American flag upside down, signaling anti-government views.”

    He had GRENADES?

    CR@P!!! What one could do with those. (IF the cops aren’t lying about that, too)

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