7 thoughts on “Diane Feinstein military vets are mentally ill

  1. veterans are mentally ill? Well, I think it’s time to let any veteran know what I have found out. I’m putting this out there to all veterans who served at Camp Lejeune or MCAS New River. There is a big story that few veterans know about. The water at Camp Lejeune was contaminated with high cancer causing agents from around 1945-1987. I spoke to a lawyer about this because I was at MCAS New river from 1983-1987. He said the problem is wide spread across all Marine bases, but you will not here about that….only Camp Lejeune. This is something I wanted to put out on this site because I just found out about this. If you know any Vets who have medical problems ranging from cancers, reproductive DNA issues passed on to their children in the form of cancer, or neuro behavior issues as well as central nervous system problems, the problems could be related to being stationed at Camp Lejeune or MCAS New river. Look-up RIN 2900-A078. You must inform the VA about your possible exposure to the water.

  2. I want to be the one to personally drop the trapdoor under this douchebag C#NT, once we retake this country from these communist @sswipes.

    Even if I have to cheat in the lottery to have that privilege!

  3. Feinstein would be on trial for practicing medicine without a license if she was not one of the psychopathic Elite.

  4. I am a combat veteran…..drafted, army, incountry vietnam, 1969….family background in this our US since 1600’s documented…and for this usless bitch to say anything against the US Military Vets./of which the US Gov, itself gathered together no matter which time period of a discussion, well……….it’s one of those shake your heads times….in which a governmental official should immediately be removed from office…………Does it happen?
    NO………The…US Const…is not followed….and so it’s to this web site to give direction to do something about correcting ………………..and that this site is doing…..bless them

  5. This country has become a place where treason is rewarded and where Veterans are looked upon by the traitor scum in power as being dangerous.If I were them I would too because they all know they should be hanged!

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