Dinosaur footprints discovered the size of nearly a football field in Northern Nevada

Could this be one of the latest and largest dinosaur foot print finds in recent archaeological history?

Here is a little background.  In the last few years I’ve been studying the satellite imagery on google earth in Palisades. Nevada.  I’ll include the google earth GPS coordinates at the end of the article to view them. What I’ve discovered is what I believe to be some of the largest dinosaur footprints to be exposed to the public, in fact right now as you’re reading this.  

Being an avid hiker at the time, and since this is close to where I am at now,  I went for a hike one day a few years ago in that area. What I came across accidentally were some strange rock formations.


I noticed that these shapes were very odd. They were almost completely round and flat and smooth, similar to a toe footprint left on a sandy beach, after thinking about it later. They were ranging roughly 15 to 20 plus or minus feet in circumference some smaller and some larger.

Surrounded in half of each circle was what looked like very thin shale flat rocks packed tightly together and embedded into the hill side, stacked up very neatly two or three feet tall, all of them facing south and each flat circle formation forming a small amphitheater.

At first I thought I had discovered an ancient Native American hunting campsite, so I went home and started studying the 2012 google earth imagery.  You know…the old saying you can’t see the forest through the trees.

I started zooming in and out at different angles and measuring them with the google path tool, in which the area came out to be close to the size/length of a “football field” in google earth!

It seems that the satellite snapshot taken in October 2012 cast a shadow just perfect on a clear sunny day with a timestamp of around 2:00 in the afternoon, which produced what looked oddly enough like an alien type face in a Star Trek episode that jumped out at me. The area was dry and nothing was green at the time because of summer, which helped even more for the satellite picture snapshot.

I thought to myself this is just a natural rock formation you moron just forget about it. But I just couldn’t. So I kept studying the area and bingo! That’s when I noticed and discovered the left foot!!!!

This one had more erosion and wear on it.  Since it looks like a steeper incline, thus enabling a faster water runoff rate on it for millions of years, but you can still make it out.

It looks to have the same similar indentations and size as the other rock formation, although I didn’t hike to that area because I was really tired and the terrain is mostly rolling steep hills.

What are the statistical odds of these two formations being somewhat close to each other?  Same size and similar shape.  Merely a coincidence right?  My true gut feeling is no.

The word dinosaur is a fairly new term created by a French scientist in the mid 1700’s. Do you know what they called them before the term dinosaur was invented? They were called “Dragons”.

The largest dinosaur footprint recorded I believe is in France and it is only six feet.  The dated time stamp and, don’t quote me on this these are their numbers, is six millions years.

So take a six foot dinosaur print in France at six millions years.  Then take one the size of a football field and crunch the numbers of how long ago it would have to be in a time line dating back archeologically. Sounds like a fun math problem and computer simulation for someone.

Plus, alongside the one in France are human footprints.  Is it quite possible that humans were around at the same time of these new ones too? What extinction level event could have happened in this area? Was it when Yellowstone erupted the last time? These are some of the answers I’d like to know.

All I can say is that I personally believe after discovering these prints that Godzilla did walk this earth. Maybe the Japanese were onto something.  You can decide for yourself.

P.S Make sure you have the 2012 satellite imagery turned on or you won’t see them.  Make sure to use Google Earth so you can toggle through to the 2012 imagery.

  • Right footprint.     Latitude     40°36’23.13″N     Longitude   116°14’59.47″W
  • Left footprint.        Latitude     40°36’21.12″N     Longitude   116°14’48.96″W

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F. Lee

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