Disney Airs Its First-Ever ‘Gay’ Cartoon Kiss

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WEB Notes: Kick Disney to the curb already. Two times in one week now they are promoting the homosexual agenda. If you are one of those Christians who turns a blind eye to this, ‘its only a cartoon’ you are a part of the problem. Become a part of the solution and stand up for God already. Unsubscribe from them, turn off their channels, do not travel to their parks and events and do not purchase their merchandise. The dollar rules the day and you can easily make a stand by doing what we just outlined as a start. This continues and escalates because we the people continue to support organizations and institutions like this. Grow a back bone.

The popular children’s entertainment company Disney aired its first-ever same-sex kissing scene on Monday during a broadcast of its television cartoon “Star vs. the Forces of Evil,” raising concerns from Christian and family groups who are calling upon parents to kiss Disney goodbye.

The episode included a scene where main character Star and her friend Marco, both 14, attend a boy band concert together. During the song “Just Friends,” couples throughout the audience begin kissing.

Source: Disney Airs its First-Ever ‘Gay’ Cartoon Kiss | Christian News Network


4 thoughts on “Disney Airs Its First-Ever ‘Gay’ Cartoon Kiss

  1. Simple Math:

    Disney = Gay Agenda = Communism = Zionism = NWO = Treason.

    Short Version:


    Any questions?,… No?,…. Good.


    JD – US Marines: Disney is putting its full blown communist agenda on parade. It is no longer deniable by even the most deranged socialist. Disney is using it’s historical claim of “family orientated, to turn your children into perverts, freaks, weirdo’s, & deranged socialists,… you know,.. communists.


  2. You can review many compilations on YT showing the subliminal Sex that has been placed throughout the Disney films for decades.

    At first I thought it was people editing the original animations when I first heard about this, so I went and pulled out several of my daughters vhs tapes we had purchased over the years, (this is like over 10 years ago)

    Went through them in slo-mo etc and sure enough, all of this subliminal sex shit is placed there deliberately by the makers of these animations….

    needless to say I threw them all out and told everyone I could about it….mostly people laugh and are obtuse regarding this issue….

    This entity should be completely and totally destroyed over what they’ve been doing for many decade…..You won’t hear Trump talking about this…..

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