Do not fear the Elite, for they fear you

Don’t Tread on Me- by Irving

It’s difficult to see what TPTB (the powers that be) will do next. But I think we shouldn’t be reactionaries; instead we should lead the curve. Too much does the introvert personalities think they have to anticipate the next moves on this grand, moving chess board.

While it’s great to call moves ahead of time, like a master financial analyst, or a fighting champion, few people ever consider taking the lead, making the game, making the rules as you go, and making your own universe.  

Watch as your own enemies look in awe, as they see that you’ve realized all the power you have…. is truly inside you. Their system can not move forward without us. The more minds we wake up, the less minds they have to feed and perpetuate their machine.

The more minds WE WAKE UP BY TAKING THE LEAD, the more those same minds will pay this blessing forward on to the rest of humanity. They will question the legitimacy of obeying an empire who’s only expertise is enslaving humanity with debt & death; and keeping them complacent by keeping them fat and happy with “free” stuff as they indulge joyously from the hands of a “kind” master.

But the master is not “kind” it only seeks to shut your mind down and never want more for your heart, mind, and spirit than what the master says is enough; all your aspirations, thoughts, beliefs, values, dreams, and creative energy taken away from you by a Government who only sees you as a “human resource.”

Is that really the world you want for yourself — your children — your grandchildren — generations to come?

2 thoughts on “Do not fear the Elite, for they fear you

  1. I’ve been saying similar stuff for years. The INDIVIDUAL must take the lead by getting out of the system and helping others do the same. What good is a collective when to many people are not set themselves?

  2. The high-tech weapons the elites are trying to scare us with are very expensive, and they can’t put them into use without our financial help. In a nation already far beyond broke, how many of these toys can they afford? We often hear of the 2,700 armored personal carriers DHS has purchased; there are a little over 3,000 counties in the US so that’s less than one per county……… somehow, I’m not impressed. Same for 2,700 “personal defense weapons” (that’s assault rifles to the rest of us) DHS bought. And the two billion-plus rounds of ammo? All indefinite delivery contracts, meaning they don’t have possession of it and it may never even be manufactured.

    This is all bluff, folks. We the People have the hardware, and the numbers, and we can pull the financial rug out from under them any time we choose.

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