Does the Creature Dictate to the Creator?

Publius Huldah

WHERE did the federal government come from? It was CREATED by the Constitution.

WHO ratified the Constitution? WE THE PEOPLE, acting through special ratifying conventions called in each of the States.

So the federal government is merely the “creature” of the Constitution and is completely subject to its terms.  

Those are not my words. Those are the words of Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper No. 33 (5th para), and Thomas Jefferson in his draft of The Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, under the 8th Resolution.

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to have a correct understanding of the relation between the federal government and The People unless you understand that the federal government is merely the “creature” of the Constitution. It is not a party to it. The STATES are the parties to the constitutional compact (contract).

THIS is why James Madison said, in his Report of 1799 to the Virginia Legislature on the Virginia Resolutions of 1798, under his discussion of the 3rd Resolution, that THE STATES, as the creators of the federal government, are the final authority on whether their creature has violated the compact THE STATES MADE WITH EACH OTHER. The constitutional compact is between the Sovereign States. The federal government is merely the “creature” of that compact.

That is why the States have the natural right to NULLIFY unconstitutional acts of their “creature”, the federal government.

But our “creature”, the federal government, has taken the bizarre position that the Constitution means whatever THEY say it means.

Oh, do they need smacking down! Does the creature dictate to its creator?

The nullification deniers say, “YES!”

Manly men say, “NO!”

2 thoughts on “Does the Creature Dictate to the Creator?

  1. The “Constitution was created by George Washington along with his lawyer buddies, Hamilton banker buddies and Washington’s fellow merchant elites 6 weeks before the “Official” Convention. That document was shoved down the delegates throats. Patrick Henry refused to attend. He said “I smell a rat!”

    As far as I know, Rhode Island was the only State to have the ratification vote given directly to the people. It was soundly defeated! All the other States voted through legislative committees.

    “We the People can only legally mean the people that wrote the Constitution. The Supreme Court has ruled that we are not a party to that Document.

  2. Excellent! Great to see things in proper perspective. Goes right back to the Northern war of aggression, where the compact between the States fell apart. That, to me, was the drop-off point, even though the federal gov’t had previously overstepped its’ bounds (whiskey rebellion, etc.).
    I recommend this material be printed for a handout – pass it out at gun shows, state fairs, etc.

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