11 thoughts on “Doug Stanhope – The Oklahoma Atheist – Newswipe 2013 BBC

  1. What would one expect from a God-hater. At least he
    admitted he is a hater.

    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked:
    for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
    Galatians 6:7

    1. Depends on what god you are talking about as how I see it most churches are more likely to send their money over seas or to buy these religeous leaders new cars etc. and live a nice life. Yea, most bible thumpers are just that – they go to church on sunday singing all their songs and then when monday comes around they are acting like they saved their soul by how much money they put in that plate they pass around. Most church goers that I have ever known were the biggest hippocrits around that turn their noses up at the dissadvantaged. No offence to the good christians ya know but to put a person down is what I always thought that so called good christians were against……… If J C was here I bet he would shake this guys hand for doing what he did for this person.

      1. “to put a person down” yep, you nailed it, diggerdan. The failure to see that we are all fellow travelers on this journey. There are the hypocrites of self-delusion and the hypocrites who seek to deceive others for their own ends. Big difference.

        1. Thanks EE, I am glad you see what I said there. I consider myself a god fearing christian and that is why I said what I said. I see too many self righteous bible thumpers out there that think their sh*t don`t stink because of that donation they put in that plate and then they go back home and they forget all about what they say they stand for in that church. .

      2. Digger, our church does not send money overseas to buy leaders new cars, etc. We minister to the
        inner-city residents of our city, and we help them buy food, pay their rent, etc.

        Our Pastor takes no salary (he is on Social Security) and is always helping others. Lives in a mobile home (1977 vintage) and he and his wife
        buy their needs at local thrift shops.

        Of course there are those who profess to be Christians (just watch some of the popular Christian television stations – “False Prophets”) and you can see that. But, there are many true believers in this world who love The Lord, and His name is Jesus Christ, not “JC”.

        And HE is coming soon to take the true believers out of this wicked world prior to the 7 years of tribulation, coming quickly!!!

        1. And that is what I was sayin`. However most of these people will put money in that plate thinking that they are buyin` their way into heaven. Oh, and by the way I call him JC as my way of addressing him. I have heard far to many sayin` jesus christ in other blasphemous ways that that is why I say JC . See that is what I am talking about.

          1. Hi, Digger! You are so right about people taking the Lord’s name in vain. And you are correct about those who think they can buy their way into Heaven.

            Thanks be to God that we did not have to purchase His amazing grace.

            I appreciate all the article and comments you contribute to From the Trenches. Keep up the good work.

          2. Hi ya 1611, I am glad that you understand a little better about why I say things like I do 😉 . I look at things and usually do have a very differen`t way of sayin` and doing things than most people do….. I am glag that you and others enjoy and hopefully learn a little from the articles that I post here. I know that some if not most of them are very countrovercial ya know. Yea the PTB do not like me for doing that – they realy do not like me here personally in physical life where I live – if you know what I am sayin`. Yea I get shut down almost every day – in fact, last night and then again this morning 🙁 . I am just practicing our rights ya know and they just cannot stand it 😉 . Yea 1611, I just got a different way of sayin` and looking at things . Yea, JC – I would like to think – is my good buddy, 😉 😎

  2. the guy is a fricking idiot. A rifle butt to his face would make me smile. Then see if a bunch atheist will raise money to get him a new grill.

  3. “I did it just to be a prick to her Okie Christian neighbors”
    – Mission accomplished – you are, indeed, a prick, sir!

    While I agree with some of the criticism of ‘Christians/churchianity’ I see attached to this article(Hypocrisy is a problem not exclusive to Christians) I fear that praising Mr. Stanhope’s actions, which, by his own words were to “be a prick to her Okie Christian neighbors” is throwing the baby Jesus out with the bath water. Mr. Stanhope’s assistance comes with conditions; true Christian assistance does not.
    Also – How many people did former spokeman for AIPAC(Wolf Blitzer)have to interview to find an atheist?
    Sorry, that does sound a bit paranoid; however, I’m reminded of a quote by one of the best talk show hosts Phoenix ever had – Charles Goyette: “No matter how cynical you are; it’s never enough!”

  4. All right another smarter than thou idiot who hasn’t had God directly intervene to show him what is what. As much as I would love for this guy to burn in hell and come back pleading to the rest of us to repent so we don’t follow him, I cant, my religion forbids it, but it would be ironic none the less, may he find grace and turn himself around ask for forgiveness and preach about how blind he was, it happens sometimes.

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