3 thoughts on “Dr. Harvey Risch: 60% of New Covid Patients Have Been Vaccinated

  1. Exactly Katie, they are pushing the narrative!

    The only links I could find via Google Scholar are but a few and they go to the CDC/WHO that claim Isolation, but we have all read these and know they do not meet the definitions for isolation of a Virus, admittedly.

    I have requested in several places for doctors et al, to post direct links to where laymen (aka a retard like me) can verify the true isolation of this Corona Virus..!!

    So far no takers…not even a link to the same dribble at CDC

    Since the Flu Disappeared after COVID arrived it is safe to say and rational that there is no COVID.

    Even if there was, no authority exists for them to do any of this shit, so yeah Henry is right

    What is it gonna take for we the people to shut this shit down

    Perhaps some alphabet agency Stasi monitoring this site and its posts can log on anonymously and post the links where proof of this can be found…since they all must be true believers to do what they do for the NWO

  2. This while none actually had Covid. These people knew it was bullshit but went along with it anyway. We are dealing with brainwashed idiots.

    Scared sheep, a huge problem

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