6 thoughts on “Dr. James Martin Peeples

  1. Wow, even over a hundred yrs ago, some knew of the poison. With all the recent info, it’s still hard to gauge how far we’ve come on this matter. I have friends (unreachable) who still show up for their shot, be it vax, flu, shingles or whatever. One recently got a flu shot and two days later got a full-blown 2-week flu. The medical programming is as thick as the liberal programming. Guess they’re one in the same.


  2. Yes…. the vaccine scam is nothing new, and if I’m not mistaken, the first flu epidemic hoax was carried out by the press in NYC in the early 1900’s.

    Once in a while, a doctor tells the truth, and this is the result of him being smart enough to question what he’s been taught in medical school. (most of them are too goddamn egotistical to ever entertain the notion that they don’t already know everything)

  3. FAIL!!!

    He started out great, but then came THIS…

    “Restore the American CITIZEN to his LIBERTY…”

    A ‘citizen’ is a so-called ‘government’ SLAVE, and liberty is something granted to sailors on leave… NOT the same as FREEDOM!

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