0 thoughts on “Dylan Ratigan Show: Dollar Weakens against the Euro

  1. Indeed.Nothing new.Done by the Rothschild’s since mid 1700’s.They own the fed.Cut the head off the snake.If people are tired of being stolen from let them understand money creation and fractional reserve lending.Children of a free country should be taught this at home but their parents are indoctrinated by this bullshit.Don’t worry about China.Worry about those who are running China.Fiat currency will be the end of us all if we only allow it to happen.Free trade.Peace on Earth.Hammer the Rothschilds.Nobody seems to want to mention their name but I will and I want them dead because they want all of us that way.Why would the people of the world want to kill each other because of a handfull of satanists?Because they don’t realize what’s being done to them and their children through economics.Free the money.Depose the bankers.The Euro as well as the dollar is doomed to failure.It is created on a keyboard as well as our worthless text,the difference being that ours is worthy of interest.

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