East Chicago Councilman Charged With Murder Is Re-Elected

ABC 7 News

The (Munster) Times reports that 42-year-old Robert Battle ran unopposed in Tuesday’s election. He is accused of shooting Reimundo Camarillo Jr. to death on Oct. 12 in East Chicago. He also faces a federal drug charge after police say they found more than 73 pounds of marijuana and more than $100,000 cash during a Porter County traffic stop.  

East Chicago councilman charged with murder is re-electedLake County Sheriff John Buncich said Battle did not request an absentee ballot to vote from the jail.

Battle is seeking bail and a Nov. 17 hearing is planned. On Tuesday a Lake County judge granted prosecutors’ request for a DNA mouth swab from Battle.


4 thoughts on “East Chicago Councilman Charged With Murder Is Re-Elected

  1. lol…And people think Hillary won’t become president due to her ‘troubles’.

    Not only will she beat this, she’s ALREADY BEEN DECIDED as the next president.

    Accept it – or revolt.

    1. I’ve been saying it all along.

      Being that there is no ‘greater evil’ among the ‘candidates’, she’s definitely got to be their # 1 choice.

      We’re WAY beyond subtlety on their part any longer.

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